January 21, 2017, 12:02:18 AM
News: If it is not in arbusers, it doesn't exist.
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ArbUsers Talks
2016-11-30 14:20:36
rup_verma12: http://www.bookmaker.eu/ is down only for me
2016-12-03 12:19:15
MaxShalamar: Probably stole your money
2016-12-05 15:44:16
Arbusers: Guys, I made some maintenance things in the forum and I would like you to report anything bad that you see.
2016-12-05 15:44:31
Arbusers: Please send me your pms. Thank you.
2016-12-05 21:29:35
Alfa1234: without VPN, I can no longer see the forum. Been thinking it was down all weekend. I get a message "loging to access content" from your hosting provider. With VPN it's fine.
2016-12-05 21:56:57
MaxShalamar: I noticed Luctens' posts are shorter - is it a bug? :P
2016-12-06 08:05:24
Arbusers: Alpha, thank you for the report...
2016-12-06 08:05:32
Arbusers: please try again now and let me know.
2016-12-06 08:05:55
Arbusers: Luctens might be in holidays mode.
2016-12-06 08:20:45
Alfa1234: Arbusers, it's working again as normal. :)
2016-12-06 08:54:11
Arbusers: Thank you Alfa1234.
2016-12-06 10:04:14
CharlieSheen99: hahahahah Max.....
2016-12-06 14:10:37
Arbusers: It is called British humour.
2016-12-06 16:20:02
Arbusers: Guys, if you get a message that you are banned for a reason, send me a pm in FB together with your profile id in the forum.
2016-12-07 03:31:24
zyz: @arbusers - you got a PM
2016-12-07 13:33:58
Arbusers: Nope, I don't see any pm from you.
2016-12-08 03:41:35
zyz: re-sent, please check
2016-12-08 07:48:41
Arbusers: No zzz, there is nothing here. Go to arbusers FB profile and send a pm there, or e-mail at arbusers@arbusers.com
2016-12-08 07:48:53
Arbusers: We also have Skype contact.
2016-12-14 11:31:52
eemurla: Hey Arbusers
2016-12-14 11:32:04
eemurla: Can you send your skype contact please, i would be happy to speak with you
2016-12-14 19:15:57
Arbusers: isn't it obvious? arbusers
2016-12-28 00:53:37
Skaggerak: has betfair stopped showing basketball?
2017-01-07 23:01:00
Tocko: why coral accept just a few country?
2017-01-09 20:16:27
arber_PL: Skrill cards working for you?
2017-01-10 09:37:04
Arbusers: The forum will be down Wednesday 0700 UTC for 5-10 minutes. Thank you.
2017-01-10 13:32:29
empire: Same here.. Skrill card not working for me
2017-01-10 18:19:54
Arbusers: Are these the old cards or the new contactless card skrill is sending after November?
2017-01-11 00:31:10
empire: The new one. I contacted them and they had a problem with the card system, dont know if it has been fixed yet.
2017-01-11 10:08:38
ArberPro: does anyone know if skrill fixed the problem ?
2017-01-14 19:03:13
Thordin: pinbet88 getting worse and worse
2017-01-18 15:22:52
X_Gambler: is pt now offering betfair or not?
2017-01-18 15:23:08
X_Gambler: in the forum post it is not there, but it is on their website
2017-01-18 20:05:57
Thordin: they offer shark tool, uses betfair prices
2017-01-18 20:06:24
Thordin: and access to betfair odds in their mollybet platform
2017-01-20 01:27:56
sevvvvv: pt is scam
2017-01-20 01:28:26
sevvvvv: i would never put money on a curacao based company
2017-01-20 15:12:57
Alfa1234: Nice to hear such a well fact-based opinion. Good job.
2017-01-20 15:23:40
sevvvvv: thanks
2017-01-20 21:03:35
fairpunter: sevvvvv and Alfa1234, do you prefer to put your money on a E-Gambling Montenegro based company ? please show me any betting broker which based reliable license