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ArbUsers Talks
2017-05-13 21:28:10
Arbusers: Snow White sent her puppet there. Even if he is heavy weight. Each year Eurovision falls lower than previous.
2017-05-13 21:29:09
Arbusers: Go Lucie go.
2017-05-13 22:16:29
Arbusers: The Bulgarian kid looks better than the favorites.
2017-05-13 22:29:10
ilovethisforum: i wish one of these win:Italy,Bulgaria,Belgium,ROMANIA
2017-05-13 23:19:08
ilovethisforum: do you believe that Portugal will win?
2017-05-13 23:35:22
ilovethisforum: WTF
2017-05-14 06:31:46
Arbusers: OK, we ve seen that now also.
2017-05-14 14:31:48
: Did oddstorm one day subcription not available anymore?
2017-05-18 17:50:50
RebelBetting: Hi everyone, did you notice that we resently added another arbitrage friendly bookmaker to RebelBetting! Check it out:
2017-05-18 17:51:27
RebelBetting: recently* (Sorry for the typo!)
2017-05-19 14:02:19
Pep004: and it will be arbitrage friendly, till the moment when they will disappear from the world right?
2017-05-20 00:56:45
barbero: the point is they are an asian bookies broker. they won't limit you even if you arb, but you also won't find any soft odds
2017-05-20 12:16:22
Jiyoppi: hello
2017-05-20 12:16:28
Jiyoppi: anybody is here?
2017-05-20 12:16:51
Jiyoppi: anyone check for bet365 url, is it work now?
2017-05-20 12:17:21
Jiyoppi: all of I tried are don't work now
2017-05-20 12:18:34
Jiyoppi: if see this message please write result here for open
2017-05-20 15:56:51
plepi: try
2017-05-20 16:47:20
Jiyoppi: thanks you but same result
2017-05-22 16:00:58
campeones: Love Mondays
2017-05-24 17:45:04
alimma: limits
2017-05-29 17:55:58
ArbTrade: Betonvalue down for me only or everyone else ??
2017-05-29 20:16:52
alimma: same here
2017-06-02 14:46:10
arber_PL: how is this BTC confirmation working?
2017-06-10 23:57:28
davidkord: when skrill is going for webcam verification
2017-06-11 21:21:22
ArbTrade: Betonvalue is fucked up for you too ?? a fake / late odds
2017-06-18 18:36:44
rup_verma12: ALERT!!! championsbet is a scam
2017-07-11 08:00:40
akujieze: can you explain better?? how are they a Scam?
2017-07-12 16:34:28
Arbusers: Don't provoke rup_verma12.
2017-07-13 00:14:39
georg41: rup_verma12 i have account i championsbet..Can ypu explain us why they are scamers?
2017-07-13 11:14:28
Arbusers: georg41, search the forum for rup_verma12 posts and you will see.
2017-07-15 07:01:56
X_Gambler: This game of thrones is becoming a huge arbing festival
2017-07-15 15:20:58
rup_verma12: george41 why u have opened account with championsbet they dont pay, i year back they had closed many customer account & not paid them, my payout money 1800 euro they are not paying since more then one year, u can read other on Arbusers what they say
2017-07-15 15:45:05
rup_verma12: guys championsbet is not going to pay u, they will tell u have many account & want pay u, be alert, so many customer last year was cheated by championsbet, no one got payment
2017-07-15 19:44:42
okakabukaka: hello guys any other alert service cover tempo except oddstorm
2017-07-15 19:44:52
okakabukaka: dont say txodds its not usable.
2017-07-16 17:32:41
davidkord: txodds are a bunch of scammers.
2017-07-21 00:43:01
okakabukaka: well they gave my money back when i tell them their system is not working for me
2017-07-21 00:43:10
okakabukaka: i guess i am lucky one :)
2017-07-23 08:47:02
rup_verma12: championsbet is back, Alert!!! dont deposit amount, they want pay u, previous year they havescam many of them & did not paid