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All your transactions with are carried out from your balance. The arbusers signup bonus is credited to this balance so it can be used for all services, including the purchase of your own equipment sets. The cost of each equipment set is 100 EUR, so all you need to do is make sure that your balance has enough funds to cover this cost when your order.

At the moment all owned connections available to lease are taken, but we are always installing new according to demand. You can overcome the availability issues by buying your own connections and hosting them to any country. Hosting means to have a suitable place that signal for your chosen ISP is strong and a socket available to plug the router in. The router itself is very small and consumes around 5 Watts of electricity, so any place with good signal would be suitable.

After the connection is installed, there is no maintenance required apart from just inserting an unlocked and activated sim card in the set. After that point, your connection can be automatically managed from the control panel at It does not matter if the connection is owned by you or, when you add a connection to your account you can reset it remotely, you no longer need physical access to the equipment set. However, there is no need to manual reset most of the time, as the system will automatically reset a connection whenever there is the need to get a fresh IP. When you unplug a connection from a VPC to plug it to another VPC for example, the connection will be auto reset.
VPN - VPS - VPC services / Re: VPN or remote?
« on: October 18, 2017, 11:35:44 AM »
You have posted this in two separate threads. Please refer to my reply in the thread,5278.msg60920.html#new
Hello, all UK connections are presently used, but more will be added before the end of week. owned connections availability cannot be guaranteed at any moment, but we are always trying to meet demand. You have the option to install your own connections however, which are always reserved for you and never leased to other members.

To receive the bonus, I will need to know your username, please message me either here or in
You can find more info at

There is no tutorial, as there are only a few buttons in the control panel at and all of the are pretty self-explaining like "Add virtual PC", "View", "Delete", etc
You can connect to any of your VPCs by clicking the "View" icon in the "My VPCs" page of

These are normal windows 7 PCs that you can install, run and use any application that can be installed on a usual windows 7 PC.
Links / Re: - Betting Automation Software
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:32:51 AM »
Thanks for the feedback. In fact Virtual PCs themselves are very fast, but what some users perceive as slow or not responsive can be caused by 2 reasons:

1. Screen refresh rate over the remote desktop connection. This is experienced as a delay when scrolling on graphics heavy pages, watching live video, generally anything that has to do with transmission of the VPCs screen to your to your local monitor. This issue is caused by the fact that when you connect to a VPC you are not actually connecting to it via a direct network connection but through a dedicated server that transmits the VPC's screen to you. This is necessary as it allows managing remotely your VPC regardless of the actual network connection that is plugged in at any time. The user will experience a few milliseconds delay which although noticeable in relation to a standard direct RDP connection, will nevertheless not significantly impact his speed in navigating pages, clicking on buttons or any other user action.

2. Low speed of the plugged in physical connection. This is experienced by the user as slow downloads and slow page loading and can happen only when a physical connection is used. Physical connections that can be plugged in VPCs have the same limitations as any type of "residential" or mobile connection. Speed will be limited to whatever the speed of the physical connection is. This in turn will depend on provider's load, type of connection (3g/4g/landline), possible congestion on the provider's cell if it is a mobile connection, etc. The connections available by are 3g mobile connections and these have been tested to be fast enough for both manual operation of the VPC and for running the bot.

While the response latency caused by (1) will be noticeable with any type of connection - even with the 100Mbps datacenter connection, since it is not network related, the slow internet speed caused by slow physical connection can usually be easily solved by switching to another physical connection. If you find that none of the 3g connections supplied by are fast enough for your type of usage, you can still install and use you own physical connections, which can be 4g or adsl or any other type of residential connection.

It is also worth noting that both causes of possible latency will not affect a bot running on the VPC. The bot does not rely on screen refresh rate and it does not need a big bandwidth. All bets are placed instantly for both Pinnacle and Bet365.
That's exactly what physical connections are. You can either plug a pre-installed owned 3g sim-based connection to a VPC at a 3 EUR daily rate or you can use your own 3g sim based routers in any country in the world at a reduced daily rate of 1.5 EUR

All physical connections are auto-managed by the system, ie when you unplug a connection from a VPC to plug it to another, the system will auto reset the connection so that a new IP is issued by the provider.

The 3 EUR daily rate for owned connections covers all costs, like lease of equipment, management and routing of the connection, ISP payments, hosting and electricity.
The 1.5 EUR daily rate for privately owned connections does not cover ISP costs and additionally the member needs to buy his own set of equipment which costs 100 EUR including setup and postage and take care of hosting for the router.
The software to create and manage VPCs that are split into different physical hosts is proprietary. The virtualization engine itself is Virtual Box.
Newbie's questions / Re: bet365 balck page
« on: October 13, 2017, 08:51:40 PM »
Even if you do find an unblocked VPN or proxy, they can still see that you are using a VPN, or trying to hide your real location. I am not sure to what extent this will affect your account, but the best option would be to use a regular IP that will never get blocked and will raise no suspicions. It's not only what you are trying to hide, but also the fact that you are trying to hide something that flags your account with soft books these days.

Virtual PCs coupled with physical connections would be the safest option to securely access your bet365 accounts.,5278.msg60784.html#new
Although the VPCs are physically located in a datacenter, when you plug them in a physical connection, the VPC will appear located in the place where the physical connection is installed. You can imagine this as a long cable extending all the way from the VPC to wherever the physical connection is located.

Links / Re: - Betting Automation Software
« on: October 12, 2017, 06:57:04 PM »
Bet365 support will be available in the upcoming version 2.11 of the bot. Many compelling features are included that make the possibilities endless:

- Choose from a variety of already supported quality sources and have their bets automatically placed in your bet365 account(s).
- Automate virtually any source regardless of delivery or pick generation methods: emails, web sites, excel, manual submission, etc
- Ability to create your own sources and either play the bets in your bots or distribute and charge other users.

The bot can also run on the VPCs that are especially designed to use internet connections that bookmakers allow connections from, with no use of VPNs or proxies.

All users receive a 2 EUR bonus in their accounts when signing-up, but members will receive an additional 48 EUR bonus credit in their accounts, just by mentioning this special offer.
VPN - VPS - VPC services / Re: VPN or remote?
« on: October 12, 2017, 06:50:03 PM »
You can have a look at,5278.0.html

Virtual PCs configured to use a physical connection will appear like normal PCs with no use of proxies, VPNs, etc that usually alert the tracking systems of bookmakers and get your account flagged.

They are more expensive than regular VPSs, VPNs or proxies, but they are the only option to stay under the radar.
Virtual PCs can be easily created, accessed and managed by any member at

These are PCs that have been especially designed for manual operation, but they are also ideal for running your bot. VPCs are charged at a daily rate of 0.5 EUR directly from your balance and can be cancelled anytime.

The most important feature of VPCs is that they can be configured to use regular "domestic" or mobile internet connections, so they appear exactly like a regular home PC that has been plugged to a usual internet connection. No proxies, no vpns, a bookmaker cannot block and will never suspect.

A VPC can be configured to use either a shared "datacenter" connection or a physical connection that can be located anywhere in the world.
The default datacenter connection is provided for free. VPCs that utilize this type of connection have a datacenter IP which in most cases will not be suitable for accessing bookmaker or tipster websites. For this reason, it is strongly advised that a VPN or other similar software is installed on top. Still, this solution will not be suitable for VPCs targeting "soft" books that usually block access from VPNs, proxies, etc.
These are regular "domestic" or mobile connections that can be installed in any country in the world. As these connections appear like any home or mobile connection they will never be blocked or suspected by any 3rd party. A VPC that is plugged to a physical connection will look exactly like a normal PC that is connected in a regular dsl or mobile connection in the country that the physical connection is installed.

Physical connections are charged at a daily rate of 3 EUR directly from your balance and are available in many countries. This covers all costs, such as lease of equipment, internet provider payments, hosting and electricity. An alternative option would be for a member to install and use his own connections. Member-owned connections are charged at a reduced 1.5 EUR daily rate, but the owner needs to buy and install the equipment set for a 100 EUR one-time fee, host the equipment and pay separately his internet provider for internet access.

For more info, please see

All users receive a 2 EUR bonus in their accounts when signing-up, but members will receive an additional 48 EUR bonus credit in their accounts, just by mentioning this special offer.
Links / Re: - Betting Automation Software
« on: September 23, 2016, 06:05:26 PM »
Pinnacle has their own algorithms to adjust their exposure by changing odds and this algorithm works the same way no matter if incoming bets are from humans or bots.

So, the users that get to Pinnacle first will get the best odds.

Regarding who gets to Pinnacle first, there are many factors that decide this. The bot works by scanning a user's mailbox for incoming picks in user-defined intervals. Most users use 1 sec as their refreshing interval, which means that he bot will scan the mailbox and then wait for 1 sec before starting the next scan. Even assuming that 2 users have the same refresh intervals, email accounts on the same email server and receive the email at exactly the same moment (in reality emails are not delivered at exactly the same moment) their email scanning cycles will not be synchronized. So, who gets to pinnacle first is random. The app makes sure that no user has any advantage over any other user in that regard.

I am also confident that the best prices that Pinnacle offers when a popular tipster publishes a pick go almost always to members, although not everyone of them will be able to get the best price all the time.
Links / Re: - Betting Automation Software
« on: September 16, 2016, 07:26:56 PM »
The previous post was intended as a caution note to users that add tipsters to their portfolios without proper research, just because their bot can handle the extra work.
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