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Arbing and trading talk / Re: What's your biggest ever mistake in arbing?
« on: February 22, 2017, 08:25:07 AM »
my biggest mistake was when i first began many moons ago...

i bet on a baseball underdog +140 and a favorite on the -1.5 runline at +125. i didn't know that it wasnt a true arb as i was a rookie... i would lose if the favorite won the game by 1 run.. and sure enough the favorite won by 1 run.. biggest mistake i made thinking i was 'arbing'
Newbie's questions / Re: list of books
« on: February 20, 2017, 09:16:35 AM »
Most  top bookies from sbr(bigger than c) are from us and do not accept people from europe.

This is simply not true, they are mostly in the Caribbean and happily accept European customers.  US has no books except some in Vegas and a few in New Jersey where gambling is legal.

I think what he meant was that most of those offshore shops are catered towards the us market and that they prioritize them before the european crowd. Also new jersey has 0 sportsbooks.... what they do offer is online poker and casino games to their residents but betting on sports is not an option.. at least for now it isn't.
Bookies discussion / Re: SBR gets paid to keep Bet365 as A+
« on: February 19, 2017, 12:56:25 PM »
My thoughts are that even though 365 is known for alot of penny pinching tactics, they still remain a go to out for most of europe... If you keep your bets under 100 I think you could last there for a while.. I can't even bet with them as I'm based in the us but I use them to follow scores daily..

Now on the topic of sbr....... Most of the books they pump are to be avoided... There have been several sportsbooks that went under whilst sbr received advert money from them. A simple google search of 'sbr betislands' 'sbr wsex' 'sbr 1vice' 'sbr 18th hole' should keep you busy for a while if you like to read up on industry happenings. Some books are rated low yet they still gain alot of business because sbr recognizes them as a playing book... until they decide to stiff their customers... Then the players come in and complain to them as if sbr will get their money back for them.. Truth is all sbr does is contact upper management on the issues players face and basically threaten them with bad exposure if they don't abide by their rules. Also search 'sbr cory' where sbr actually sides with a player yet the bookmaker decided not to pay his balance '+$10,000' so it goes to show they have no authority with these companies they just act like a watchdog but really aren't. Everything you see on sbr is to be questioned case closed.. also search 'betonline blackjack' where betonline cheated a player on their live blackjack platform. There is evidence on this on youtube as this video has just came out. The dealer lifts the card to be dealt in the shoe and grabs the second card, then grabs the card that was lifted to give himself the winning hand.. again betonline is a A+ bookmaker on sbr... Thus always do your research before you decide where to play. Don't get me wrong here, sbr has alot of +ev content no only in the sportsbook section but also throughout the site and I'm not talking about picks users give but more so on the knowledge from within the industry as a whole. Heck theres a thread right now where a poster by the name of 'LT profits' is down over 80 units on nba and ncaab for the year... (all 1 unit bets) so you could fade him and make easy coin. Yet even though there are positives, sbr still is all about their image... They will ban you if you have something negative to say about a advertising book or delete your post as if it never happened. Also their moderators are the biggest scum on earth. They try to sway your words into something different and ultimately ban you for good. You are warned.....
Rest Area / Re: BitCoin
« on: January 11, 2017, 08:03:46 PM »
So you've been saying all along that the price will drop to 800 by March.

Yet, you've been stating that you are invested and want it's value to increase.

So if your prediction was so accurate and you really believed what you are bragging so much about, why didn't you short it, to go long once again once it reached your goal (if you really think it's value will increase)?

Please, do yourself a favor and stop taking credit for this.. it's been less than 2 weeks and the price went up to over 1100 and dropped to 750. You could have said that the value would reach any number between those figures and you would have taken credit for it..

It's obvious that you have no idea what will happen in March.

You don't even know how much is being invested by buyers nor by sellers, and you don't care where money is coming from.

You seem to be one of many people who gambled on BTC and have been lucky with the outcome, so take your profits and move on, but don't try to teach people with your guru predictions.

You need to reread from post #2 in this thread as you got several things wrong... I said we would see 800 BY (before/during) March not that the price would settle there.. we have seen 800 today..  Also I'm not taking credit for anything... a prediction is just that ... one can be right or wrong I have no reason to take credit for this just admit that what I said came to be... Also who said I shorted or didn't short when the price was over 1k? You don't know what I'm doing regarding my investments so stop assuming. I'm not trying to teach anyone here so you got that wrong aswell. Just sharing my opinion here if you don't like it you can stop reading... now.
Rest Area / Re: BitCoin
« on: January 11, 2017, 06:26:46 PM »
As I type $770 ......... I was correct when I made my prediction on Jan 2nd... CASE CLOSED... now let's revisit the thread say mid year to see if the price "soars in 2017" as you said... keep in mind I want it to do just that... as I'm invested.
Rest Area / Re: BitCoin
« on: January 10, 2017, 05:15:44 PM »
The price was at 1kish on Jan 2nd when I said we would see 800ish by March... it came down to 820 days later..... 20 off my predicted price. Keep posting charts and acting like you know it all I honestly don't care about your thoughts or opinions.. good day sir.
I believe the number of smart minority who are making money by sports betting over long haul is "definetely" less then %1.

I used to be a Professional Handicapper too. I remember the day, I had quit my day job and started to work Full Time Professional Handicapper. I had my own service, had many clients from different parts of the world. It's a tough job. Bad swings, unfortunate losing streaks are unavoidable.

After I started arbing, I lost my motivation to handicap games and terminated my handicapper service. Time to time, I take some bets too but not often. When you full focused on arbing, you lose your motivation for handicapping.

However, I don't think we should not be betting. Value betting/Dropping Odds (or another profitable angle/system) can be a "good addition" to your arsenal. Just be careful with stakes!

My advice to people who want to make a living by betting on sports. Bankroll is important. Your bankroll is your inventory, it's your lifeblood. When you run out of blood, you're out of game. You must have a large bankroll and the Three Steels. Nerves of steel, Heart of steel and BALLS of steel :D

You should not get upset after a bad losing run. You must have nerves of steel.
You should always bet with your head, never with your heart.
And finally, you should always be ready to take the risk!

Money management is very important. I suggest to bet %1 or %2 each bet. Think it like a snowball. As your bankroll increases, your profits will increase too. When your bankroll is 50k, you're betting 1000€ each game. When your bankroll increased to 60k, you will be betting 1200€ every game. If you can increse your bankroll by %10 ever month, your 100,000€ will turn into 314,000€  after 12 months. Bet limits shouldn't be so much problem as long as you have access to Betfair, Pinnacle and Asians. Good luck!

Couldn't of said it better myself...

The question posed by OP has many variables...

line shopping
soft books & high limit shops
different sports / markets
bankroll size / management 

It's definitely possible but the bookmakers operate due to those who lose longterm. If one employs good money management whilst using a decent sized bankroll as they shop around for the best price and find an EDGE on a sport/market the can profit for sure... Biggest thing is dicipline... I find myself struggling with this on a daily basis... you can win 5 straight bets but what good does that do to your bankroll if you bet x5 as much on your 6th bet and lose? It's all about dicipline as it ties into each one of the points I listed above..

Shopping for the best price, betting into soft/or high limit shops, finding an edge within a particular sport/market, using your bankroll wisely all take dicipline... if it was easy everyone would be Billy Walters... the older I grow the more I learn and it's a pleasure of mine realizing that the game we play is tilted in the bookmakers favor... I do this cause I enjoy it... every dog/mut has his day.
Rest Area / Re: BitCoin
« on: January 10, 2017, 12:44:43 AM »
We're 8 days deep in 2017 is that the conclusion of the year or is there 357 days left?

Did I say to not short it at 1k before to another poster?

Did I warn of a resistance point of $1150 ish (Two separate times)?

What happened when a high of $1136.72 was reached?

Did BTC fall to 800 or better like you said?

What you did do is mention 1k btc in USD as something special when 90+% of the trade volume is done in Yuan.
Is that helpful?

Did you answer my question that if 1k was so special why did it go to $1130+?

Did I do the study and share it with the chat about Chinese heavily shorting BTC thus explaining the dip?

Did you break down the math for the last 5 dips and find the average loss based on price history for a re entry point?

Nice job of not including all that I have said about it (BTC) and then double down on that type of nonsense and then when someone says its going up in 2017, start to point fingers after 8 days.

Keep waiting for $800 or better BTC, Oracle.

BTC is $894.70 as I am typing this.


Last I checked I don't owe you or anyone else on this a forum an explanation on anything... If you want to do the homework for the rest of the class then that can be your duty... I don't have to do maths regarding the data you provided I'll leave that for the so called expert here... (YOU) LOLOL My prediction pretty much came to fruition as the price came down to 820 which is 20 off the 800 I quoted we would see by March.. I don't have to say anything else here as everyone can see that what I said came to be... meanwhile you play with your silly graphs and read articles as to why the "chinese" are doing what they do... I've been well informed since 2012 regarding btc... you're not going to teach me anything new... carry on..
Other investments / Re: Places to buy physical gold and silver
« on: January 10, 2017, 12:31:38 AM »
google search jm bullion... you can buy gold and silver there at competitive prices..

also merrion gold... you can buy, sell and store your metals with them..

checking out JB, is the BTC payment method their Unique seing proposition?

as for holding, I'd prefer a public company. the stock price would reflect their 'safeness' some way. although I'm not sure how you could transfer your metal if you had doubts about the company..

As far as I know there isn't any other company selling metals via btc... I could be wrong tho.. Buying via btc is a no brainer... buy low then sell off for metals... Also if you buy from Merrion you can have them store it withing their vaults. If you wanted to transfer your goods then you just have to contact them. Great way to diversify the location of your assets...
Other investments / Re: Places to buy physical gold and silver
« on: January 08, 2017, 06:51:08 PM »
google search jm bullion... you can buy gold and silver there at competitive prices..

also merrion gold... you can buy, sell and store your metals with them..
Rest Area / Re: BitCoin
« on: January 08, 2017, 06:43:25 PM »
That's a tough one to live with there.
Missed opportunities are a bitch.
I've been snagging it since $775 as it crossed a couple resistance lines to get there.
Last resistance is the all time high around $1150 ish.
I don't see it going back down to 800 as mainly Chinese trading seems to be moving the price.
I can see some profit taking (3-5% price dip) but I don't think back to 800 though.
The continued devaluing of Yuan and lowered banking reserve requirements have led to a flat year for stocks in China.
Usually this type of activity would be gasoline for your stock market but they don't seem to be having any of that which means trading volume and price has been on the rise for BTC.
Then you add in Authoritarian style govt's attack on paper money and India's action against gold, I think it's gonna go soar in 2017.

You did sir....

"I think it's gonna go soar in 2017" ......
Rest Area / Re: BitCoin
« on: January 08, 2017, 01:49:44 AM »
In my initial post I said that the price would reach 800 by March.. not that it would stabilize at 800 in March.... huge difference in the two.. some on here said it would continue to rise... Yet my prediction almost pretty much came true as it came down to 820 about a day ago...
Rest Area / Re: BitCoin
« on: January 07, 2017, 04:41:07 AM »
I would like to know, since we have such different opinions about what's going on, why is that your prediction.

Why 800?

Why March?

Usually the price reverts back to what it was within a few months after an initial price hike.. not always but most of the time... It was around $750 about a month ago... Then it spiked to over $1100... that's why I guess $800 by March as I expected those who bought at $750 or better to take a nice profit by selling causing the price to fall once again as it usually does after a huge upward trend. My guess of $800 by March was damn near spot on.... as I type this the price is $820... As mentioned I'm invested in bitcoin so I want the price to increase.... yet after years of following these trends it is clear to me that the value might drop even further...
Rest Area / Re: BitCoin
« on: January 06, 2017, 01:38:10 PM »
$85 ish off from my predicted price of $800 by March...I think the selling will continue. I would recommend not to buy now and wait for 800 or BETTER.....
Rest Area / Re: BitCoin
« on: January 06, 2017, 12:20:10 AM »
People need to stop thinking that if the price goes up that it was because of the "chinese"... sure governments are invested in multiple currencies but they alone don't control the prices on the market.. my guess is that most of the bitcoin holders were happy to sell off at or around 1000 usd.. I want bitcoin to rise as high as possible... but my guess of reaching 800 by March is still in play...

Have you checked out where trading volume is coming from?
When 90+% comes from a certain area (China) who is moving the price?
The 1 guy in Pakistan buying 0.00012 of a btc?
Have you checked how Chinese BTC historical price charts have moved against price charts in other regions?
I'm guessing the answer is no.

The answer is Yes..... sir... what I said in my initial post was that there are other factors involved in the price fluctuation... not only the "Chinese" ... and that guy from Pakistan is a wise man investing in btc!!!
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