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Links / The World Cup Contest 2018?
« on: January 19, 2018, 02:30:28 PM »
The World Cup is just around the corner. Remember the contest we organized in 2014? 40 people participated. (,2116.msg27183.html#msg27183).

I'm thinking of doing it again. Right now I'm working on the application to make some improvements, given that we still have a few months.
What do you think?
Do you have any suggestions to make the contest more interesting?

I share some images

Exchanges /
« on: May 05, 2017, 04:39:23 AM »

Do you believe this will work?
Too many legal issues IMO. 

Interesting discussion in LinkedIn about these issues.
Bonus offers / Smart Bet Tracker Black weekend
« on: November 25, 2016, 07:06:18 PM »
Black Weekend.
All new subscriptions will be 50% off.  No matter how long.
Subscribe before Tuesday November 29 and ask for the 50% refund after checkout.

Bonus offers / The Pinnacle Challenge
« on: February 27, 2015, 10:10:56 AM »
Hello. The Pinnacle Challenge is back.
February edition awarded USD 200 (see:,2858.msg35011.html#msg35011)

The prize is now USD 250

Subscribe at

February participants have been automatically included

Check the rules as we made some important changes in the prize and the credits systems.
More credits available for each game. From 0 to 4 credits depending on your predictions and the final score.

The first game will be played in 7 days, Friday March, 7th.
Subscribe and top-up your Pinnacle account.
Bonus offers / SBT- SBM - PINNY - FREE 200
« on: February 06, 2015, 01:47:38 PM »
You must have read about this at Surebet Monitor (
Surebet Monitor, Smart Bet Tracker and Pinnacle Sports have teamed up to offer USD 200.

Check the terms and conditions and subscribe for free at

  • Players must provide valid Pinnacle Sports Client Id.
  • Players must have an active Pinnacle Sports account in order to receive the prize.
  • Players must have a verified Pinnacle Sports account in order to withdraw.
  • Only one account per player and per household, any attempts to use multiple accounts in order to gain an unfair advantage will invalidate all connected entries.
  • Players must place a minimum of 1 bet with their Pinnacle Sports account during the competition period to qualify for any prize.
  • All prizes will be paid directly into the Pinnacle Sports accounts of the winner.
  • The total amount of any cash prize must be wagered at least 3 times (3x rollover) before the prize amount may be withdrawn.
  • The tracking of results and the accuracy of the final results is the responsibility of the host website, not of Pinnacle Sports.
  • In the case of any disputes, the decision taken by Pinnacle Sports shall be final.
  • In the case of abuse or fraud, Pinnacle Sports reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time.
Links / The World Cup Contest
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:40:13 PM »
Hello arbusers community.

I am Pablo Pintaluba from Smart Bet Tracker, the web application to track bets and surebets (
We have been working and finally launched the World Cup Contest (if you visited Smart Bet Tracker in the last few days you may have seen the banner).

Let me tell you the basics:

  • You must subscribe to the contest
  • You must pay a small "buy-in" (USD 50). Almost the whole buy-in will go to the prize pot. 10% will be used to cover costs and hopefully a small profit  :)
  • You must place your predictions (final score) for all matches in the world cup
  • You will earn credits based on each match result and your predictions.
  • Subscribers will be ranked based on their credits
  • Best ranked subscribers will win the pot. Prizes and number of winners will depend on the number of participants.

The web application will manage everything automatically. 

To learn more and to participate, visit
In particular, check the rules and the help page where everything is explained.

We pretend this contest to be fun. That's the main motivation. We like betting and we like developing software. We have build a nice web application with information about the world cup, groups and teams, cities and venues, the match calendar, etc.

But we also expect the prize to be significantly greater than the "buy-in". In example, with just 32 participants, the winner will get more than 10 times the subscription cost, and 10 people will have prizes (descending value, always more than the "buy-in"). But let's hope we reach hundreds of participants to increase the pot and award great prizes. Right now the pot is USD 675, but many people (who did not yet subscribed) have already confirmed their participation.

And last but not least, if two participants have the same number of credits the one who confirmed its subscription earlier will be better ranked than the other. So why don't you subscribe right now?  :D

If you subscribe to the World Cup Contest, we will give you a subscription to Smart Bet Tracker for free, for an equivalent price.
if you subscribe to Smart Bet Tracker for any plan equal or greater to USD 50, you will get a subscription to the World Cup Contest for free.

Transparency is a key feature
Everybody can see at any time the number of users who have paid the buy in, and the total prize. This information is available even for non subscribers
Everybody can see at any time the list of all users who have paid the buy in, the current ranking and the prize for each participant. This information is available even for non subscribers. No personal information is displayed. Just the username and country. Information regarding this contest includes the paid buy in, position, credits awarded, current prize, and the date the participant confirmed his subscription.
Predictions are private. Only you can see your predictions while predictions for a match are still available. This means nobody can copy your predictions.
Predictions are public once a match does not allow more predictions. All participants can check predictions of other participants. This is only allowed for each match where prediction period has ended. This means every participant can check all predictions and control that rankings are accurate.
Links / Smart Bet Tracker
« on: November 01, 2013, 10:01:20 PM »
Hello everybody.

Some of you must already know that I have been using an Excel application I have developed (SureBetTracker) to track all my surebets. This Excel application can be downloaded from (in fact, I counted more than 400 downloads considering the last two versions, and I assume some of these downloads came from here). This excel was specifically built taking into account arbitrage betting.

But as more users provided feedback, we noticed it was difficult to keep improving the application using Excel and decided to develop a web application. The application (we called it Smart Bet Tracker) is almost ready. I having been doing some testing and I would like that people from arbusers could give it a try. I'm looking forward to receiving feedback from people who really know about sports betting.

As always, I am the first guinea pig. I like arbing and as I did with SureBetTracker, I am now tracking my own bets with Smart Bet Tracker

Let me tell you the basics: You can track single bets and multiple bets and of course you can also track surebets. In fact, surebets are two, three or more single bets grouped. You can define your accounts - bookmakers and ewallets (or bank accounts), and set their currency. You can place bets and transfer money between accounts, or place other money transactions (investments, fees, bonus, etc.). You must define your main currency (all balances and transactions will be managed in the account currency and the main currency). You can export accounts, bets and transactions to excel.

We wanted to start providing the basic functionality from SureBetTracker and add new functions. In particular, we have already added some nice features, like managing tipsters and exchange rates. And you can record interesting information about each bet that will allow its analysis. In example, you can record the sport, country, market, period, spread, odds, pick, tipster and result.

We have also worked on providing real events to make it easier to place bets. Instead of filling all the information in the bet form, you can search the event and even the market and odds offered by Pinnacle and place a bet with all this information already completed. You can search the events in the search field at the top menu. Or you can navigate using the sports menu. This feature will be improved when testing is finished. By now only football odds are being offered, and may not be accessible at moments (during the update process, every 10 minutes). So you if don't find an event available at Pinnacle, just wait a bit and it will be there...

Given that we are in beta testing stage, we expect you could find some errors and would like to receive your feedback if you do (or any suggestion for improvement). In fact, Internet Explorer is not supported and we suggest using Chrome or Firefox.

I hope you like it and you find it useful. And I am committed to make improvements and correct the errors you could find.

The application is at
Arbing and trading talk / Automated arbitrage
« on: July 26, 2013, 04:05:29 PM »
I assume some/most/all of you received this email from SportsArbitrageWorld:

Automatic Arb Placing Software

What's your opinion?

Arbing and trading talk / Exchanges risk
« on: April 14, 2013, 04:22:16 PM »
I have sometimes found risky situations, mostly on Betfair. I think it is because some players try to take advantage of other players' mistakes.
The situation is the following:
- I find an back/lay arbitrage between bet365 and betfair
- I go to bet365 and see the match, market and back odds (seems OK)
- I go to betfair and see the match, market and lay odds (seems OK too).
However the lay odds are placed on the wrong option.

In a recent example:
Almagro vs Isner, first set winner.
Bet365: 3.25 for Isner
Betfair: 2.94 against Isner
That's a 3.35% arbitrage (or 2.15% considering BF's commission).
But when I check Betfair, the 2.94 are against Almagro.

If someone is not careful, he might place the bet to back Isner on Bet365 and lay Almagro on Betfair and could lose both bets.

I am attaching a picture with three screen shots with this situation.
I happens very often.

Why and how does this happen? Are players on Betfair placing bets, cancelling and placing again on the other option?
Why do alert services keep showing the alert? (I think if a BF player does this, he must cancel the first bet immediately, or it will be matched.
Did anyone have a problem with this?
Did anyone use this to take advantage?

Arbing and trading talk / Extrange Market
« on: April 03, 2013, 11:33:30 PM »
Hi. Yesterday I found an arbitrage between Bet365 and Unibet on the NBA match between Miami Heat and New York Nicks.
Miami odds where 2.25 on Bet365 (extra time included) and NY Nicks +0.5 odds where 1.9 on Unibet. That was a 3% arbitrage and both considered extra time. I placed the bet (and finally won on NY Nicks side).

After placing the bet I realized that NY Nicks +0.5 on full time (including extra time) makes no sense.
If extra time is included, that means there will be a winner. And in this case, the "+0,5" doesn't change anything. If NY Nicks wins, NY Nicks +0.5 also wins. If NY Nick loses, NY Nicks +0.5 also loses.

This handicap only is usefull on regular time, where a draw is possible. If this was the case, the bet could have be a middle opportunity, if the match ended in a draw and Miami had won on extra time. But that didn't happen :-)

I am missing something?
Arbing and trading talk / Ladbrokes buys Betdaq in €30m deal
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:33:39 PM »
As most of you must know, Ladbrokes bought  Betdaq.
Do you think this will have any impact for arbers who use Betdaq?
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