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A deposit-only book, with 20% arbs in its own lines - you don't even need other books for arbing. No withdrawal option, but that's not a problem as you could easily "transfer" your balance to other books when it grows, what can go wrong?
Hello, please get in touch by either emailing me at or via the chat function at the website.
VPCs are virtual computers, like a VPS. What differentiates VPCs is that they can be configured to use physical connections instead of the standard datacenter connection. VPCs cost 0.5 EUR daily and this includes the datacenter connection. Physical connections - if needed - are ordered and charged separately.
A few more notes regarding the scrolling on heavy graphics pages issue:

The remote desktop that is used by the VPCs uses an advanced mechanism that gives you (almost) real access to the VPC. You have access to the VPC from the moment its Powered ON. You can, for example, restart the VPC and you will see its entire reboot process from powering down, to BIOS POST and then the entire windows loading process. This is a great tool but is a bit heavy on traffic usage. This means that the refresh speed of the remote desktop is limited by your own network speed. The better your connection is the better the refresh rate will be. Our servers use 1GB uncapped Internet access so there is no delay on our side.

To resolve this issue on low end connections, you would have to launch the rdp connection to your VPC from a host that itself has a high speed connection. A cheap conventional VPS (Windows 2012 or Windows 2016) from any provider and for around 5-10 EUR monthly would be ideal for this and would completely resolve the issue for anyone on a low speed connection. In this case you would connect natively to your conventional VPS and would use the VPS's high speed connection for the non-native rdp connection to your VPCs. The basic windows VPS from for 9.99 EUR would be perfect for this, but cheaper deals can also be found.

This needs only be done for users that expect to work with graphics heavy pages AND are on a low speed connection. It is not needed for VPCs created to run a bot or for users on broadband connections.
Does anybody use this service?

I have tried 4 UK connections: 3 from O2 and 1 from Vodafone. I am very much disappointed. The speed is terrible: O2 show 2-4 megabits/sec for downloading, Vodafone shows about 0.5 megabits/sec

You have emailed me about this and I have already explained that this is a limitation of the technology used to link your VPC to the place that the plugged in connection is installed. While in normal circumstances a mobile connection is directly plugged in a PC, in a VPC that is using a physical connection BOTH upload and download channels of the mobile connection have to be used SIMULTANEOUSLY. When you download a file or loading a page in a VPC that is using a physical 3g connection that is installed in a different location, the modem needs not only to download the data from a website but also needs to use its upload channel to transmit the data to you. This means that maximum speed will always be restricted to 1/2 of the slowest channel. Although noticeably slower than a regular 3g connection that is directly plugged in a PC, this speed restriction will have no major effect in most expected uses, like using websites or running a bot. If you intend to download large files or watch video or refresh simultaneously 10's of pages, the effects of the reduced speed will be a noticeable. Even without the above technical restriction, these are 3g connections that are almost always throttled by ISPs or have a data transfer limit.

All 4 connections are form one place in London - it can be shown on

UK connections are installed in various locations in London. Geo-location data (especially data that are not tied to IP but collected from either cell location or gps tracking) are highly inaccurate and to my knowledge NOT used for tracking. The same site that you mentioned above, reports the location with an accuracy of "more or less 18km". The entire London including suburbs is included in an area with a radius of 18km.

Besides, the real IPs can be seen on all connections - if you see on this checker, you can see the real IP addresses that are not from UK. Even VPN does not show the real IP!!!

You are obviously misinformed/confused about how IPs work. A VPC that is using a physical connection will always have the network setup assigned to it by the provider. It has no other internet connection, there is not even the need to hide something, because there is nothing to hide. I am guessing that your report refers to an IP tracking site reporting an IP of the form 10.x.x.x.  To addrees the IPv4 depletion issue, many Internet Service Providers assign private IPs to their routers (10.x.x.x) for their internal networking, as well as to home users. These IPs are the then NATed to public IPs once they leave their private network so they never exist on the internet. If reports an IP of the form 10.x.x.x this simply means that they detect the private IP assigned by Vodafone or any other provider to that specific connection and not the public one. This is not the "real" IP as you mistakenly believe.

Now a little about Virtual PCs. They are terrible as well. The page scrolling is awful - when you try do scroll the page up or down, you will see waves. It seems that all PCs reuire drivers for Graphic Card or display.

This has nothing to do with display drivers. It's a minor delay of a few ms that is hardly noticeable in scrolling graphics heavy pages or playing video that is caused by the fact that when you RDP to a VPC you are technically connecting to a middle server that fetches the VPCs desktop to you. Again, unless you intend to watch video or play games on a VPC, this is not an issue for the vast majority of users.

All Virtual PCs have the same parameters: canvas fingerprint, WebRTC, WebGL, audio fingerprint, fonts, screen resolution and others, i.e. PCs are not unique. But the seller says that all is OK and there is no sense of spoofing fingerprints as they are often repeating.
I wanted to install Linken Sphere browser in order to spoof all above parameters but I need Windows 64 OS that are not offered.

Webrtc is by default enabled (and this is the recommended option). The IP details from webrtc will reveal the internal IP of the form 192.168.x.x which is what is normally expected to be by any 3rd party. Internal IPs are not the same between different VPCs.

While the other properties match between VPCs, if you have concerns about how a website that you are using (you mentioned that you are bonus hunting and indeed some sites that you target could have more aggressive fingerprinting policies especially targeted to bonus hunters) handles those properties, they could easily be changed/blocked by you on each VPC. Additionally, these properties also match the properties of thousands if not millions of other PCs, making fingerprinting based on those parameters not particularly effective and thus seldom used according to my knowledge.

Besides, I have already confirmed that a 64bit version of windows will be available soon, so that the Linken browser can be installed and you can apply easily any needed further customization to browser fingerprints.

Links / Re: - Betting Automation Software
« on: November 01, 2017, 06:16:44 PM »
Yes, captchas however are used only by blogabet. More info about the various blogabet modes can be found here:
Links / Re: - Betting Automation Software
« on: October 26, 2017, 11:04:29 PM »
The email serves as a trigger. Their emails contain a pick ID. This ID along with user's inbetsment credentials are passed to the inbetsment server which then returns the pick (if the user is authorized). This was developed much earlier than they started offering their in house autobetting. What exactly is happening when they publish a pick is a question that only they can answer. They could be sending it to their bot first and then email it or vice-versa. So far, I have no evidence to believe that they intentionally delay either of the 2 methods. But this could change anytime, they may decide that emails are sent after bets have been placed by their bot or not at all. My concern is to take the bet as as fast as possible after the email hits the user's mailbox, but what happens before this moment is out of my control and entirely up to the source owner to decide.

Links / Re: - Betting Automation Software
« on: October 26, 2017, 08:13:08 PM »

Inbetsment tipsters are supported as external sources. What this means is that you will need to buy a subscription to the inbetsment tipster that you are interested in, then have your bot monitor your email for emails from that tipster. Pick retrieval is done by authenticating with inbetsment through a special interface that was built for that purpose.

The autobetting option available at inbetsment is totally unrelated to
Value betting / Re: Valuebetting with tipsters
« on: October 26, 2017, 03:06:12 PM »
It is very hard to be able to consistently beat a reasonably liquid and responsive market with 3-5% at least by following tipsters. By responsive I mean markets that reflect and adapt instantly to money weight.

These kinds of returns would only be achievable in either early low liquidity markets or in soft books. The problem is that in these markets you may have a bigger yield but it is difficult to generate meaningful turnover.

Tipsters should thus be judged also by the liquidity of the markets that they usually tip in, which also affects the prices that can be achieved when a user is following a popular tipster with many other followers. If pinnacle is prepared to lay 1000 EUR on certain odds and ten bots hit this line with millisecs of difference between them for 500 EUR each, it does not mean that all of them will get the asked odds just because they placed the order at the same moment. Pinnacle's odds adjusting algorithm will work the same. So, competition will also affect your results, something that it is not obvious by just examining tipster records.
Links / Re: - Betting Automation Software
« on: October 26, 2017, 12:55:02 PM »
Yes, it does. However all externally supported sources are supported on a best effort basis. This means that pyckio or whatever external source may decide to stop accepting as automation method for their picks, or impose a premium on bet placement fees, or restrictions on max stakes. Please keep this in mind when buying subscriptions for externally supported sources.
All your transactions with are carried out from your balance. The arbusers signup bonus is credited to this balance so it can be used for all services, including the purchase of your own equipment sets. The cost of each equipment set is 100 EUR, so all you need to do is make sure that your balance has enough funds to cover this cost when your order.

At the moment all owned connections available to lease are taken, but we are always installing new according to demand. You can overcome the availability issues by buying your own connections and hosting them to any country. Hosting means to have a suitable place that signal for your chosen ISP is strong and a socket available to plug the router in. The router itself is very small and consumes around 5 Watts of electricity, so any place with good signal would be suitable.

After the connection is installed, there is no maintenance required apart from just inserting an unlocked and activated sim card in the set. After that point, your connection can be automatically managed from the control panel at It does not matter if the connection is owned by you or, when you add a connection to your account you can reset it remotely, you no longer need physical access to the equipment set. However, there is no need to manual reset most of the time, as the system will automatically reset a connection whenever there is the need to get a fresh IP. When you unplug a connection from a VPC to plug it to another VPC for example, the connection will be auto reset.
VPN - VPS - VPC services / Re: VPN or remote?
« on: October 18, 2017, 11:35:44 AM »
You have posted this in two separate threads. Please refer to my reply in the thread,5278.msg60920.html#new
Hello, all UK connections are presently used, but more will be added before the end of week. owned connections availability cannot be guaranteed at any moment, but we are always trying to meet demand. You have the option to install your own connections however, which are always reserved for you and never leased to other members.

To receive the bonus, I will need to know your username, please message me either here or in
You can find more info at

There is no tutorial, as there are only a few buttons in the control panel at and all of the are pretty self-explaining like "Add virtual PC", "View", "Delete", etc
You can connect to any of your VPCs by clicking the "View" icon in the "My VPCs" page of

These are normal windows 7 PCs that you can install, run and use any application that can be installed on a usual windows 7 PC.
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