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 on: Today at 02:01:33 AM 
Started by junoreactor - Last post by gamblehappier
All the above books are not similar with Bet365,as the last one is the king in sports betting,cannot compare.Also do not bet at 1xbet as they will scam you.Google about it and you will found unlimited posts of people who were not paid.

 on: Yesterday at 07:17:26 PM 
Started by xajaker - Last post by GrayFox
This offer works only if you make just 1 bet every 15 days and wait. The lucky version.
if you keep betting you are going to loose money and you are gambling. By betting on negative arbs hoping you loose,soon it will end up in tears.

Advise: At least try it with 100 euros first not some thousands.

 on: Yesterday at 04:56:42 PM 
Started by golden contender - Last post by golden contender
Triple 5* Wednesday tonight. There are too big 5* NBA Power system plays and one has a 25-1 Angle. In College hoops the lead play is a 5* RPI Scale power system side. College hoops com play below.

 The NCAAB Comp play for Wednesday is on Temple at 7:00 eastern on Espn 2. The Owls are taking 8-9 points in this one. The Line seems a bit high. Temple fits a home dog vs ranked opponent system we use that cashes over 75% long term. Looking at the RPI Scale Temple is ranked 11th and has played the 8th toughest schedule in the country. Villanova comes in ranked #1 and they have a #7 RPI Scale rank while playing the 48th toughest schedule. The Wildcats have failed to cover 10 of 14 on hump day. Temple has covered 12 of 14 vs teams who average 77 or more points per game and have won and covered all 3 vs winning tams this year. they are 2-0 after allowing 80 or more. They may not win this one but should get the cover here at home. On Hump day we Bring bang with 3 big 5* releases. In NCAAB Action we have a big RPI Scale power system side and in the NBA a 25-1 Early play and a Double system side in late evening action. Contact at or at 646-269-5269 to jump on. For the NCAAB Free play. Take the 8-9 points with Temple. RV- GC Sports

 on: Yesterday at 12:47:35 PM 
Started by Bobo - Last post by maletaja
Im sure there is lot of money made on cryptocurrency, but i dont know yet mayby until 20 years....
Im not talking about arbing, im talking making some business based on block chain

 on: Yesterday at 12:21:54 PM 
Started by lakotakis - Last post by kustef
Hmm thats strange.. I hear it first time that someone is limited by bet365 .. I heard that head trader is woman.. send also bouquet of roses .. She can give whiskey to his husband.

Good luck.

 on: Yesterday at 12:19:34 PM 
Started by xajaker - Last post by xajaker
you are right, that has been what i was trying to explain here but seems very few understood. Maybe my bad explanation.

well tried the advise from the forum, the first month was a lose,  didnt get anything and the second i lost about 2000 euros and got back 400 euros in commissions. wasnt so happy.

But finally, i found this method of gambling and not arbing, it has a good prospect so far and hope it gets a lot.

 on: Yesterday at 11:33:14 AM 
Started by Bobo - Last post by my_username
i said depends on a country

and for slovenia, this is untaxed

mining is taxed

but trading isn't

but, can't you just open a LLC company in Bosnia or Malta and trade with your corporate account? Similar to how Apple has HQ in Ireland ? i'm not an accountant but I bet there is at least a dozen ways to do this.

 on: Yesterday at 10:49:07 AM 
Started by lakotakis - Last post by BigFatArb
It's worth a shot... if it fails u lose little if it works u get alot

 on: Yesterday at 09:11:11 AM 
Started by RebelBetting - Last post by RebelBetting
Hey y'all!

We would like to offer you a pre-Christmas gift - 1 free week of RebelBetting:D
Sign up here:

This offer is valid for both new and old customers! (but not if you already have an active subscription, sorry!)

It expires Friday 15 December, 21:00 CET. So you have to hurry!

Note: The free week is, of course, free. But after 7 days it will turn into a monthly subscription unless you cancel your subscription. You can cancel at any time.

 on: Yesterday at 08:58:48 AM 
Started by RB-Simon - Last post by RebelBetting
Sorry for the late reply (this is not our main support channel). Could you please tell us the case number of your email, or what email address you used.
We answer ALL emails. Hopefully, you have received a reply by now, if not, please reach out to us again (email, live chat, social media or here).

I will double check our spam filters as well, and see if your email may have been mistakenly marked as junk mail (!).

Regarding your concern;
How many arbs do you currently get? How many bookmakers do you use? And may I ask which bookmakers?
Have you double checked your filter settings as well?


Customer support

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