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 on: Today at 12:04:15 AM 
Started by Battlefield24 - Last post by ppintaluba
If you don't know how to identify an arbitrage (mathematically speaking) how can you program it? It's not about development skills. You must know the process and the math to detect arbitrages before coding it. Don't look for pieces of code. Look for the formulas and understand the calculations.

However that's the easy part. After understanding the formulas you have much more difficult tasks, like getting odds from different bookmakers (apis, scraping, etc), and match the events and markets (how do you tell if events are the same on different bookmakers)? Ask betburger or oddstorm how they do it :)

 on: Yesterday at 10:27:25 PM 
Started by Nek13 - Last post by Nek13
No one knows?

 on: Yesterday at 09:20:40 PM 
Started by nicmali - Last post by nicmali
Hi i plan to go to island of canarias in november for one mounth Whic island would you recoment to stay on this mounth? I dont prefer too much wind and i would like to swim in the ocean everyday. Any sugestion? Maybe in some parts thay dont speak english but i font care becouse i know spanish Tnx

 on: Yesterday at 07:53:30 PM 
Started by goldaces - Last post by goldaces
Yesterday (Wednesday) all our plays were on MLB games:

Kansas City -117 = W $1 (7-6)
Seattle -120 = W $1 (7-6)
Seattle OVER 9.5 -112 = W $1 (6-7)
Toronto -136 = W $1 (3-2)
Toronto Blue Jays UNDER 9 -120 = W $1 (2-3)
NY Mets +128 = L $0.781 (3-5)
Minnesota OVER 9.5 -105 = Postponed
Houston -1 -111 = W $1 (9-5)
Colorado -1 -137 = W $1 (17-2)
Chi. White Sox +275 = L $0.364 (4-5)

W 7 - L 2 / +$5.855

The W / L $ amounts are reported to a bankroll of $1,000.
All other size bankrolls have directly proportional W / L amounts.

Free play for Thursday:
MLB - 966 Texas Rangers OVER 11 -115 / 8:05 PM ET

We have much detailed info about every aspect of our service on our website.
Ask for a trial membership through the form on our website (at the bottom of "home" page)!

 on: Yesterday at 02:41:07 PM 
Started by OddStorm - Last post by Shariks93
Now when hockehy season is starting soon, there are many friendlies and all season is only going... hockey is MUST BE sport. Baseballl also, and even volleyball has some opportunities, i speak for LIVE.

So football for that price is not enough...  :'(

 on: Yesterday at 01:59:59 PM 
Started by Profittipsters - Last post by Profittipsters
Hello guys

Tipster I. Polichroniadis shows why he is one of the best tipsters whole around.
His winning streak continue and after over 2000 tips sent to his subscribers, he have total Roi: 109.67% (+9.67% Yield). ;)

You can get his tips for only 40eur/30 days!!!

Check his page records:
If you need assistance contact us by email


All the best, Profittipsters

 on: Yesterday at 01:33:01 PM 
Started by OddStorm - Last post by OddStorm
I was wondering if something can be done to manually enter the price of the usd/eur chart for example since some of us we suffer the fx rates on our skrill/neteller accounts and seeing that the usd/eur chart on oddstorm calculator is like the one in the international exchanges that means that in the case when somebody has to deal with fx rates after he will not have splitted the money correctly in an arb.i do understand that i can work around this in prematch but on live i think its just not worth it

We don't support multi currencies yet and it's a bad practice to have many accounts with different currencies.
We might implement such feature in the next release of the Desktop App.
Thank you for your proposal.

 on: Yesterday at 01:26:21 PM 
Started by barnstorm - Last post by fabregas
I had money in betgun, how can i resolve the problem? I already send a email to them but they don´t responded.

 on: Yesterday at 11:39:42 AM 
Started by Arbusers - Last post by arber_PL
Still no news on bank wire payments?

 on: Yesterday at 11:37:56 AM 
Started by Arbusers - Last post by betlucky
Good day!

This is to inform you that the bank suddenly terminated our account and we are working on getting a new bank account.
Rest assured that all funds are safe and we will try our best to offer this payment solution as soon as it's available.


Thank you

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