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Let's Get It Started!

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Author Topic: Let's Get It Started!  (Read 1032 times)
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« on: October 27, 2014, 08:56:20 PM »


This is your last night!
Enjoy your last peaceful night..

NBA will get started tomorrow!

Guys, do you know what is so funny about NBA? Well, have a look at betting forums. You will see all bettors, handicappers are jumping with joy, they're so happy that NBA is back. You can see posts like Hooorayyyyy NBA is back, Oh, yeah NBA season starts tomorrow, I was in need of money yessss, blah blah. Well, just after few weeks, these posts will be replaced by angry posts like these: "Damnn youu Lebronnnn!! How you can miss that last fukking free throw? Fukk youuuu Miami!! Maaaaan, I hateeeee NBA!! NBA ruined my lifeeeee. NBA is devil's work. Damn, I busted my bankroll again."

If we exclude brilliant handicappers, then there's only two group of people who have right to be happy about NBA season start. First, bookmakers. NBA is a big moneymaker for sportsbooks. Any team can beat any team in any given day. Since every team plays 82 games a season, they don't (can't) give %100 in every game. These players are human, they're not machines. They're subject to emotional letdowns, homeward bound, back to back games, tired legs, west coast trip, the list goes on..

NBA is full of surprises, full of upsets. It's called Where Amazing Happens for a reason. You know americans are crazy people so why their sport be different? Remember how Miami pulled off an upset without Wade&Lebron versus Spurs as 5,00 underdog? NBA is madness. That's why I like it.

And yes, Second group is us, Arbitrage Traders!

Unlike soccer, there's a game everyday. Not one, many! It means lots of arbing opportunities. Specially, stay alert if there's a Spurs game on that day. Popovich likes to rest key players and he does it often, even on Thursday TNT Nights, lol.

It makes sense to keep an eye on teams with key players. When star player is out, you can witness a massive line movement since these players mean a lot to spread. The strange thing is, yes, I witnessed it maybe million times: The team with missing star player usually wins, lol. I said NBA is devil's work, right?

NBA Proposition bets (also known as props or special bets) are hidden gems. Limits may not be high but still it's a good bonus. Because of low limits, these lines are more subject to change. I won't get deep here, it's up to you to discover these secrets.

Total Points market is my favourite market. Over/Under spreads move a lot! You can find amazing middle opportunities. Who says there's no adrenaline, excitement in arbing? You will shit your pants when you got Over 200½ and Under 201½, score is 100-101 and Lebron is coming to free throw line.

I say it every time. I'm a big fan of middle bets. I pick even negative middle bets like -%1, just give me a good range and I'm on it. If you got a big volume on a middle bet and your age is above 50, I suggest to not watch the game. Not good for your heart. It can be very frustrating sometimes. Many time, you will miss the jackpot (jackpot: wining both bets of your middle bet) by a single point. However, if you place many bets, you will increase your chance and sooner or later you will HIT the middle!

Anyway, books are happy, sharp players are happy; we, arbers are happy! It's show time fellas. Let's get it started and let's make some money. I wish everyone a profitable basketball season!

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« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2014, 09:23:54 PM »

Also Hockey started a few days ago (loads of nice correct score arbs) - time to make some pennies for Christmas \0/


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« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2014, 11:34:04 PM »

Always nice to see you posting. Good choice of pictures ;D


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Pleeeeeeeees Welcommmmmmme





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