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Does betting high make you more vulnerable to getting limited?

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Author Topic: Does betting high make you more vulnerable to getting limited?  (Read 852 times)

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« on: April 07, 2015, 07:22:33 AM »

Hello.  I have been seeking the best ways to not get eradicated by bookies as an arber.  Some people seem to think that getting limited is inevitable.  I was just wondering if betting smaller amounts really makes it less likely you'll basically be ejected from a bookie.  Do they look at the limits, and numbers, or do they just look at what lines you're betting on to decide if you're an arber?

I'm tempted to just go ahead and bet the limits, figuring if I get banned, I get banned.  Why pussyfoot around with small numbers?  Of course, my biggest fear would be to have a bet cancelled and it not be covered..... but I'm sure that would hurt even if I'm dealing with numbers that aren't the limit too. 
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Bookmakers don't have the same approach on this. Others limit based on the high stakes you used, others limit based on the lines you took regardless of stakes and others limit if your account is winning. Hence, you might need a different approach for each bookie.

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