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Arb or Bad Line?

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Author Topic: Arb or Bad Line?  (Read 619 times)

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« on: June 20, 2015, 06:01:03 AM »

When a sportsbook offers a very good line for a certain game... has anyone here had bets cancelled because it was a bad line?  Obviously if a team is -280 and they have it -110 or +280 thats obviously a bad line.  But let say pinnacle has the line -300 and +270.   Im talking about a very reputable book. 

I know bet365 offers lines where arbs are available.  But what about when other top sportsbooks offer similar.  For example if pinnacle has it -300 and +270... let say the book offers -380 and +320.  That would be a pretty decent size arb for the soft book line.  However, has anyone had a bet like this cancelled?  The thing is well its not a bad line in that the +270 offered at pinnacle is +320.  Obviously if the -300 side on pinny is +250 at this book, yes that is bad line.  But how do you determine if a line is bad.  Like how far off in terms of cents.  I think its a bit risky if they cancel the bet and say +320 is bad line... however its still big underdog like +270.



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