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Arbitrage didicated to only soccer?

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Author Topic: Arbitrage didicated to only soccer?  (Read 818 times)
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« on: July 16, 2015, 08:21:17 AM »

I have been using Rebelbetting and Mathbet. And have noticed that Mathbet doesnt really have any bets other then soccer (at least when I check) And rebelbetting has a very, very limited amount of bets with american sports like football (NFL), baseball and basketball. Even Tennis is very limited. I know soccer is like one of the main sports in Europe, but I dont like there arbs as much and I generally dont care for soccer at all.
So I am hopping to find an arbitrage software that has a bigger varriety of sports. It doesnt just have to be games that take place in the US. I am also interested in golf. Like right now the british open is going on. Would also be currious in horse bets, and would also like a bigger varriety of tennis games. I have been browsing at other softwares like Betburger and Oddstorm but cant seem to find there different sport options, and I also dont fully trust the claims these sites make because they love to overadvertise. So do you guys know of any software that focuses on sports arbs other then soccer? Please share your expierences. Thanks

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