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Settings for vmworkstation

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« on: June 18, 2016, 09:50:27 AM »

Hello all, firstly I'll apologise as I feel like I'm spamming the board with a lot of tech questions lately. I feel like the questions may be too vague and in different directions so I figured I'll open a thread and make clear my position now and ask how to progress.

Ive just gotten my hands on VM workstation and installed it. The system I installed it on has had some slight usage with different accounts, for instance I have used my sharp books and a couple of softs (bettson,188bet) on it but don't intend to use my own accounts on it anymore. It has also been used my two of my friends, one of them used it for one major UK book and the other for three other major ones. The amount of usage on these sites was very casual (small stake bets on Euro16) and the IPS have been different for all accounts (although both friends used the same broadband device with different ip). Also ipsnare has been blocked on my side ever since before both friends used the computer.
My first question is taking the usage already on the computer into account, does the laptop need a full reformat? I thought that because I have used it very little with different accounts it would be OK to proceed as long as I get another dedicated internet connection and VM asap (one of those already done). Then my friend that's used the three sites can use the laptop normally from now on and if my other friend wants to use it they can use the VM and new connection.

Settings on the VM is my next question. I toyed around with it slightly earlier and struggled to get online, the main way I figured how to do so was to select from the options under Network connection "Bridged:Connected directly to the physical network" and then tick the box "replicate physical network connection state". From here I was connected on the VM to whatever connection was being used by the main system. Is this the best way to proceed in regards to connecting with the VM? I checked connection details between both systems and seen that Mac address is different but the means of connection also was. For the normal system using the mobile WiFi it displayed the true hardware of the dongle being used to carry the signal, but through the vms connection details, it displayed something like " Intel 1000 carrier" or something along those lines, I wasn't sure if this may be a suspicious detail.

Finally I was wondering if there are any specific apps or plugins I should be using within the VM to ward off tracking? This aspect of things confuses me, as when I go to panopticlick to check different results of my systems I get conflicting results. For the new VM I just set up its says it is unique from 140000 and I get the same number from another laptop that has tonnes of software installed and is nowhere near unique, but the strange thing is panopticlick tells me this laptop is protected from tracking and I think its just because I have adblock installed. I get the same unique number as the VM, 1 in 140000. It also says 17.1 bits for both.

I would also like to ask for a link regarding changing Mac address? Ive already done this in another thread, I might as well add it here too ::)
Pretty overwhelmed by all the different factors I need to attend to in regard to my position right now, so once again sorry for the scattergun questions.
All the best :)

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