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Author Topic: Featured In The Student Guide & Hand Holding Service  (Read 908 times)

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Come on, we cannot be so naive...

It's pretty obvious that this is a lucrative website, that was built with the main purpose of making money through affiliate marketing among other things, as well as any other business.

Lucky for many of us, it is of big help, and does not only provide value for it's owner, but for almost anyone who reads through it.

The owner wouldn't have created a tool to share such valuable and almost secret knowledge for free, and that's just fine. I believe all of us are here to try to make money one way or another, and if you think about it, we are competing against each other to take this money out of the same people.

Like it or not, the only reason for creating any business around sports arbitrage, such as arb software, forums, guides, is because it is potentially more profitable to share the knowledge than to use it yourself.

Arbusers probably noticed this before anyone here, and now runs a forum which is public, and with the main goal to get as many people as he can to subscribe to the services he promotes. If he can help anyone on his way, that's good, win-win situation, but don't even think for a second that the aim of this website is too different from the aim of Betburger, Rebelbetting, raidthebookie, or any "helping website".

Even though the industry gets more competitive, I cannot be against it at all, as it is just another way of profiting from this industry, which once again, is the main goal of absolutely everyone who has ever registered to this website.

My point is, if you are against this guy, be against arbitrage softwares; who are bigger help for bookies than for us, be against this and other forums; where people get free valuable knowledge to compete with you, and be against anyone who tries to make money out of sports betting (or anyone out there who wants to make money)

Bravo indeed.

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