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Creating/Investing in a Sports Betting Company

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Author Topic: Creating/Investing in a Sports Betting Company  (Read 165 times)

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« on: November 30, 2016, 05:23:12 PM »

Hello guys i would be intesrested in opinions at a subject that i have been thinking lately.
Is there worth in creating a sports investment ''company'' where basically i and another successful professional bettor will be handling and investing the company's money in sportsbetting?

In order for such a business to be profitable there should be value in both sides, ''the company'' and the costumers. My thinking is that there is a spot where the costumer would be making a profitable deal in investing  there, instead of the money just sitting in the bank for example.

To use an example with random numbers: lets say that i put in 30.000 euros  for the 50%  of the company, but i ask 70k for the remaining 50%. and find buyers,  Then i have made for myself 20k in equity. However i still  have to think if its worth because i have to invest time and place bets that would be profitable and would prefer to place them in my own etc.

What other problems do you think would come up? How about the taxes and how difficult is it forming a legal company like that?
Does anybody have any expierience with similar investments groups? Is there one that you would suggest in investing?
These are some first thoughts, i would be interested in everyones opinion!

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It's called a Hedge Fund (or betting syndicate), and there's many of them that you could try to join to see how they operate.

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