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10bet beware

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Has experience
Has experienceHas experience
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Re: 10bet beware

Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:09 pm

Arbusers wrote:
Looter wrote: They always pay if you are based in UK.
Never had a problem to get the bonus and go.
I have to disagree here. If you get the bonus and fail to lose it instantly, your account will be severely limited. Even if you try to finish with their roll over requirements, they will keep on limiting your account further, making it practically impossible to request a withdrawal with no penalty.
I have to say that my experience with them was 2-3 years ago, but I believe nothing changed. They have a bad reputation for almost a decade now. They keep on changing managers one after another, but the reality that players see remains the same.
Never had problems with them with UK based accounts since 2013. I am not aggressive with the rollover, maybe that's why. Good luck
Gaining experience
Gaining experience
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Re: 10bet beware

Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:12 pm

10 BET LIMITED - Auditor Comments (31 Jan 2011 accounts) by CARTER BACKER WINTER LLP
The audit report states that there is uncertainty concerning the company being a 'going concern'

No audited accounts since???

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