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Arbusers policy and procedures for complaints.

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Arbusers policy and procedures for complaints.

Sun Oct 03, 2021 10:36 am

Our forum is the loudest voice in the smart gambling scene. Over the last years we mediated in 100s of cases brought up by our members, including complaints for bookmakers, payment processors, agents and software developers. We are proud to say that we saved millions of Euros that were returned back to their owners. We are always here for our members and we will go to extremes to serve and protect their legitimate interests.

However, we noticed that many people are taking advantage of this voice and they try to use our forum with dubious purposes. Some of these purposes include defamation, blackmail and fraud. Our forum is not for these people.

In our efforts to filter bad will, we came up with certain criteria one has to fulfil before posting any complaint in our forum:

1. We need to see at least 10 meaningful posts before allowing any complaint.
2. One must be a member for at least 1 month before posting a complaint.
3. For every case, only one thread is available for complaining. Multiple posts in various parts of the forum will be deemed as spam.
4. Once a complaint is resolved, members who raised the complaint must include (Resolved) in the title of their thread.

We believe in a fair game. Feel free to comment, any good idea will be adopted immediately as always.

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