ArbUsers Talks
2020-03-04 07:15:35
alealeale: i think they start working in 45 minurtes
2020-03-04 07:20:27
apoel81: how do you know? you spoke with them?
2020-03-04 07:21:20
apoel81: or you mean their customer service is not working atm?
2020-03-04 07:23:34
alealeale: yes, they start soon
2020-03-04 07:24:16
apoel81: ok thanks, hope no bullshits
2020-03-04 07:35:35
apoel81: BACK!
2020-03-04 08:04:55
BetInAsia: Apologies for the inconvenience, it was a third party provider issue. BLACK is back up. Thanks for your patience
2020-03-04 09:12:15
BetInAsia: We'll have a planned 30-min maintenance on BLACK starting now. We apologise for the inconvenience, once again.
2020-03-10 09:29:01
arbusers: Betfred bought 3% share of WilliamHill.
2020-03-12 10:47:49
arbusers: The NBA has postponed its season indefinitely, and the NCAA has banned fans from matches.
2020-03-12 13:49:34
arbusers: Champions League and Europa League also postponed.
2020-03-16 13:04:36
arbusers: Under the current circumstances, we are about to boost our investments thread with fresh and very interesting content.
2020-03-24 01:40:13
jonibiza19: please hurry up with the investments thread
2020-03-24 05:44:27
arbusers: Do you ever read the forum?
2020-03-24 11:43:11
arctrading: does anyone know whats the problem with Dafabet?
2020-03-24 11:43:19
arctrading: it seems to be down
2020-03-25 14:57:33
golem77: hello everyon after some break
2020-03-25 17:58:32
arbusers: Where have you been?
2020-03-25 21:23:10
golem77: live. new realtionship, breakup and back to old profession and here. now there's a lot of topics to read.
2020-03-26 01:46:15
jonibiza19: iits not a good time to get back, gambling is dead atm
2020-03-28 18:32:52
Yngwie/Sawyer: managua will win tonight. dont even bother to hedge your arbs:)
2020-03-28 18:37:10
Yngwie/Sawyer: there was very big money on lay.
2020-03-28 20:03:18
arbusers: Where is your thought based?
2020-03-28 20:11:57
gamblehappier: how much money?
2020-03-28 20:13:26
gamblehappier: maybe is market manupilation
2020-03-29 00:13:52
gamblehappier: managua 1-0 Yngwie/Sawyer: tipster
2020-03-29 00:14:40
gamblehappier: 1-1
2020-03-29 08:21:45
Yngwie/Sawyer: 2-1! Managua wins. I love nicaragua league:))
2020-03-29 08:21:55
Yngwie/Sawyer: today ferretti -1.5
2020-03-29 15:27:52
gamblehappier: Yngwie you were right.I hope you win a lot..How much money you saw at lay?
2020-03-30 16:33:35
jimmortal: Any idea what is wrong with netbet sportsbook?ITheir site is closed 3 days now
2020-03-30 17:38:29
alealeale: It has already happened in the past if I remember well
2020-03-31 15:19:22
gamblehappier: You said today ferretti -1.5.Final score 7-0.NiceAlso Netbet is back
2020-03-31 19:39:01
alealeale: anyone had void bets after two days on Savedalens-Torslanda on Sbobet?
2020-04-01 03:58:23
jimmortal: Hey gamblehappier...Netbet is not back.Its the fifth day of "maintenance"
2020-04-01 11:38:06
2020-04-01 11:59:58
jimmortal: Thank you Conradnorge . Netbet is back after 5 days
2020-04-01 13:14:12
X_Gambler: Question, all these e-soccer games the eu softs are offering.. any website of the organizing commitee?
2020-04-01 19:32:22
gamblehappier: I check Netbet yesterday and it was ok.Maybe every url is different.
2020-04-01 19:33:10
gamblehappier: Ok it is back now.Good news for you jimmortal.