ArbUsers Talks
2019-10-01 17:36:03
jonibiza19: bet365 just removed maxbet button, this will have a Huge impact worldwide
2019-10-01 17:52:15
arbusers: You are right. It would be good to figure out the reasons.
2019-10-01 18:20:09
petpre: why do you think so jonibiza
2019-10-01 20:52:08
tomkruiz: They have probably identified smart bettors as the most frequent users of "bet max" function, and mug bettors not so much
2019-10-01 21:05:42
daemon100: bet365 max bet button wasn't available in mobile version never. So it can be another software issue,but of course also might againt players.
2019-10-01 21:06:51
daemon100: because now its not available on web surface too
2019-10-02 23:33:30
jonibiza19: bet365 removed 2nd step verification?
2019-10-05 13:57:36
jonibiza19: russia,ukraine and kazakistan confirmed can´t deposit anymore with ewallets
2019-10-05 13:57:42
jonibiza19: on bet365*
2019-10-05 16:19:48
petpre: they removed all ewallets?
2019-10-05 16:38:59
jonibiza19: uk,ireland,peru too. bet365 is finished
2019-10-05 19:06:51
petpre: for new accounts?
2019-10-05 19:08:31
atilla9: for all
2019-10-05 19:14:19
apoel81: for sure more countries will follow
2019-10-05 19:26:14
jonibiza19: EXCLUSIVE: Please note that bet365 seems to have disabled Skrill and NETELLER as a payment option for following countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, Ireland, UK, Peru, Argentina. All other countries can use it as before and the issue is expected to
2019-10-05 19:40:44
chrisgr1984: Russia ukraine and kaza happened yesterday morning
2019-10-05 19:40:58
chrisgr1984: ire uk peru argentina happened today
2019-10-05 19:45:04
petpre: wow thats a bad news guys
2019-10-05 19:45:40
petpre: joni, how do you know exactly the countrys
2019-10-05 19:45:47
petpre: they didnt send any emails
2019-10-05 19:46:58
4lexy4: its al over the interent guys
2019-10-05 19:49:43
chrisgr1984: they have sent messages to the customers of those countries
2019-10-05 19:51:45
petpre: UK and ireland is in the list, that is a surprise...
2019-10-05 19:52:06
4lexy4: thay say you can withdraw money with no problem, back to ewolets
2019-10-05 19:52:17
petpre: its all over then to use ewallets
2019-10-05 21:23:25
jonibiza19: All other countries can use it as before and the issue is expected to be temporarily only. We will inform you as soon as we know more.
2019-10-05 21:56:36
petpre: how do you know joni
2019-10-06 00:03:01
jonibiza19: i have my sources
2019-10-06 08:24:03
freaked: Are you guys gonna withdraw ASAP? They haven't given a timeframe until when we can wd to ewallets.
2019-10-06 15:14:01
jonibiza19: I think you should if you are on of the countries affected
2019-10-06 17:11:02
trento: maybe we have to use bet365 post to everyone know news?
2019-10-06 18:04:47
sadedu95: any more counreis added
2019-10-06 18:37:29
uptight: I just created a fake bet365 acc with argentinian address and I see the Skrill/Neteller deposit option,
2019-10-06 18:44:58
uptight: So what is your evidence that skrill is removed from some countries?
2019-10-06 19:22:25
jonibiza19: Nobody knows exact reason, may be only affecting old accounts
2019-10-07 08:56:06
freaked: No news up until when we can withdraw from 365 to tthe ewallets?
2019-10-08 14:55:44
jonibiza19: skrill deposits are available again on Argentina
2019-10-08 18:03:52
freaked: Wow - is this confirmed or just for your account? Have 365 explained why?
2019-10-08 18:57:48
sadedu95: thats pretty big news
2019-10-08 23:36:28
jonibiza19: bet365 2nd step verification email not working again?