ArbUsers Talks
2020-07-03 12:25:02
Yngwie/Sawyer: like belarus game today. well, let me write an article about iit, will post in forum soon
2020-07-03 13:53:13
dencika99: any betburger discounts this month?
2020-07-03 15:24:44
arbusers: Nope.
2020-07-05 23:04:58
gjinvest: someone from Brazil?
2020-07-06 10:38:58
Yngwie/Sawyer: guys, ruk brest-dinamo minsk reserve this game available in betfair but not available in orbit. isnt it strange?
2020-07-06 11:53:58
alealeale: now it's provided by Orbit
2020-07-06 18:52:07
Yngwie/Sawyer: yes later they added
2020-07-07 02:54:14
gjinvest: arbmate is little busy there on Mondays too?
2020-07-09 15:06:20
gjinvest: arbmate also sometimes falls with you?
2020-07-10 18:53:57
arbusers: Guys, you have to give me a break with the external links you are posting. Only today I deleted 12.
2020-07-16 12:29:36
Yngwie/Sawyer: arbwate was terrible yesterday yes
2020-07-19 16:12:41
ayahuasca: arbmate is dead today?
2020-07-19 18:21:08
gjinvest: yeah
2020-07-20 21:00:23
X_Gambler: where can I find the exact minute of a corner in the EPL?
2020-07-22 00:02:46
gjinvest: did someone enter that game at the pinnacle? RSC Anderlecht Esports vs Sector One
2020-07-22 00:02:50
gjinvest: 24 hours ago that ended and is still pending here
2020-07-22 19:16:19
Alfa1234: There was something strange going on with that game and those odds, they are probably investigating it.
2020-07-23 16:35:13
arctrading: is babibet down for anyone else too?
2020-07-28 18:02:57
gjinvest: betano com problema? não estou encontrando varios jogos
2020-07-28 18:18:31
gjinvest: problem betano? I am not finding several games
2020-08-06 16:25:25
gjinvest: betmotion
2020-08-06 16:26:04
gjinvest: someone use this?
2020-08-08 08:17:04
İsaac Atkenson: Hi
2020-08-08 08:17:20
İsaac Atkenson: Arbmate is not working now why?
2020-08-08 18:27:31
autobetting: arbmate not working the whole day. is oddstorm working ?
2020-08-09 13:47:31
jagas: arbmate is getting really bad now
2020-08-09 16:47:58
autobetting: agreed. support is non existent too. they should just stick to oddstorm
2020-08-11 14:46:27
gjinvest: I'm going to migrate for betburger, arbmate is impossible
2020-08-15 14:25:25
Yngwie/Sawyer: betburger is not perfect either. too many spam arbs
2020-08-15 14:25:51
Yngwie/Sawyer: arbmate/oddstorm's performance is not good recently, i agree with you about that
2020-08-16 03:52:43
gjinvest: Yngwie, in relation to these softwares, which is the best that you would recommend?
2020-08-16 03:53:30
gjinvest: I think it’s not perfect, but I need a better performance than an Arbmate
2020-08-17 19:55:50
macola: its same software between them, only different layout...
2020-08-21 18:14:48
jagas: arbmate you are really annoying now
2020-08-22 21:37:11
autobetting: they got useless asking for videos when its obvious that they cant get their troubles fixed. bet365 direct navigation down for 2 days already. certainly wont resubscribe here
2020-08-22 21:39:41
autobetting: most annoying is it to get the feeling they are dealing with idiots sometimes with their dumb answers. same with the competition.
2020-08-29 15:52:12
X_Gambler: Is there an exchange offering whether the tour will be going till Paris or not?
2020-09-17 19:56:44
arbusers: All Karmas wrongfully damaged, now re-instated, with a bonus.
2020-09-17 22:29:23
barret19: value betting live
2020-09-17 22:29:47
barret19: should i use pinnacle to compare odds? same as pre match? are they sharp also on live