ArbUsers Talks
2020-05-27 17:10:27
sagosen: @Juggernauts365 yes
2020-05-28 20:40:07
ukbetting: no depositing no withdrawlings
2020-06-13 14:29:19
georgaras1995: Is Pinnacle running into problems? I try to connect and has .se extension and redirects repeatedly over and over again
2020-06-13 14:29:55
georgaras1995: Is it a general issue, or something happens with my account?
2020-06-13 15:23:19
georgaras1995: Is Pinnacle running into problems? I try to connect and has .se extension and redirects repeatedly over and over again
2020-06-14 16:02:30
arctrading: Pinnacle has huge problems asf as ive seen. They are even got pretty slow adjusting their lines inplay which offers good opportunities but is quite PITA also.
2020-06-19 16:18:28
Yngwie/Sawyer: guys, anybody know full score of dynamik-ngozi city? brunei league
2020-06-19 17:17:38
Yngwie/Sawyer: finally declared 1-0. :)
2020-06-19 17:43:30
Yngwie/Sawyer: hmm thats strange some sites show fullscore as 4-2 while some sites show as 1-0. i wonder whats the real score
2020-06-19 18:27:41
alealeale: I decided not to bet on this match because two weeks ago I risked to lose both legs due to discrepancy on first half score (ngozi-rukinzo 1-0 or 0-2 first half). Burundi seems to be of another planet, no official source, everything difficult to know.
2020-06-19 18:44:14
Yngwie/Sawyer: yeah brunei league looks strange
2020-06-19 18:44:43
Yngwie/Sawyer: tomorrow different schedule for england premier league
2020-06-19 18:44:51
Yngwie/Sawyer: we used to have many games at 15.00
2020-06-19 18:44:59
Yngwie/Sawyer: now they play one by one
2020-06-19 18:45:40
Yngwie/Sawyer: its good to have arbing action increased recently. I hope 2nd wave does not effects sports like first one
2020-06-19 18:46:23
Yngwie/Sawyer: qarantine is not solution. we need to get used to it, herd immunity is the only way
2020-06-20 04:58:30
arbusers: I doubt if herd immunity can be achieved. Those who tried it ended in tears.
2020-06-20 07:21:33
Yngwie/Sawyer: it will take time but theres only way. there isnt any other way im afraid.
2020-06-20 07:22:39
Yngwie/Sawyer: the nature will solve this situation with its own ways..natural selection. i wish vaccine was found but im not very hopeful about vaccine. virus changes itself. even if we find a vaccine for covid19, well covic20 will come next year
2020-06-20 07:26:08
Yngwie/Sawyer: just keep your immunity system strong, thats the best way to fight the virus.
2020-06-20 10:56:01
okakabukaka: boring days over i guess...
2020-06-20 14:12:21
Yngwie/Sawyer: yeah :)
2020-06-20 14:12:33
Yngwie/Sawyer: back to ordinary saturdays, thanks to tempobet:)
2020-06-30 14:12:33
gjinvest: hello
2020-06-30 14:14:13
gjinvest: does anyone know if the bookmakers block if I enter the same IP pool from my provider but with different hosts?
2020-06-30 22:40:19
autobetting: Tempobet
2020-07-01 16:19:04
Yngwie/Sawyer: tempobet
2020-07-01 16:19:38
Yngwie/Sawyer: they detect computer type too. so you need to buy new computer for every new account
2020-07-03 12:24:28
Yngwie/Sawyer: Value bettors, BE CAREFUL! Corona period can be a devastating period for value bettors.
2020-07-03 12:24:44
Yngwie/Sawyer: Everytime you pick a valuebet, try to cover at HALF TIME. because game you bet could be fixed 1/2
2020-07-03 12:25:02
Yngwie/Sawyer: like belarus game today. well, let me write an article about iit, will post in forum soon
2020-07-03 13:53:13
dencika99: any betburger discounts this month?
2020-07-03 15:24:44
arbusers: Nope.
2020-07-05 23:04:58
gjinvest: someone from Brazil?
2020-07-06 10:38:58
Yngwie/Sawyer: guys, ruk brest-dinamo minsk reserve this game available in betfair but not available in orbit. isnt it strange?
2020-07-06 11:53:58
alealeale: now it's provided by Orbit
2020-07-06 18:52:07
Yngwie/Sawyer: yes later they added
2020-07-07 02:54:14
gjinvest: arbmate is little busy there on Mondays too?
2020-07-09 15:06:20
gjinvest: arbmate also sometimes falls with you?
2020-07-10 18:53:57
arbusers: Guys, you have to give me a break with the external links you are posting. Only today I deleted 12.