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Title: Poker Strategy and Forex Strategy
Post by: joncepurea on June 23, 2013, 08:47:49 PM
Hello Everyone

I am relatively new to the forum but been arbing for almost 2 years now as a full time job :). What i also do from time to time is to try and learn new things that will bring more bucks in my pockets :).

I would like to talk about these 2 particular websites and the experience u had with them ( (

Let's start with Pokerstrategy first. For those that are unfamiliar with this website, it provides a very detailed training on how to earn some decent amount of money just by playing poker. The good part is that u can even start without a single penny invested but it will be very slow and painful i have to warn u been there done that :). From my experience i got the free money as it was writen and i used it but i lost it so i spent few weeks learning about the diferent kind of strategies and voala i deposited 20$ and turned them into 164$ in 2 months play time just by following the strategy, it's not much but it worked. I would like to ask if there is anyone here with some experience and if possible to share it with the others regarding this kind of investment and scalping, i personally don't see a future in that for me but who knows it might work for someone playing 5 hours of poker everyday and earning. It's just too much tables and clicking involved. I was introduced to this by friends that actually managed to earn quite a decent amount of money that now is reaching like 1000-2000$ on a monthly basis just by scalping Sit and Go torunaments and normal cash games. If u have done arbing u will get the point really fast.

And what goes about Tradimo i registered a couple of months ago and i am still going trough the material that they have because for me trading is just too much i have to start from 0. It is also good that they offer some free deals and money so u can start learning with it. Didn't find anything about forex arbing tho. Is forex trading actually worth spending time on share some toughts on that , and does anyone has some experience with this website ?

Best Regards

Title: Re: Poker Strategy and Forex Strategy
Post by: cristi13 on September 08, 2013, 03:25:42 PM
Using to learn poker will get you nowhere. It was outdated even 4 years ago and the games have evolved very much since. Your best bet would be twoplustwo poker forum but comparative to arbing, making money from poker is harder. On the other side, you don't need a huge bankroll to show some serious profits once you can beat the games. I live off poker for 4 years now and i can tell you and the amount of work and discipline required is quite high.
As for forex trading i wouldn't venture into that with less than 100k.
Title: Re: Poker Strategy and Forex Strategy
Post by: chubby on October 21, 2014, 06:58:18 AM
I think any training is welcome for the beginners in poker. When you become more advanced you can change your resources.