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ArbMate / Re: ArbMate Announcements
« on: Yesterday at 07:29:05 AM » was just added for navigating for Live and PreMatch with odds navigator

ArbMate / Re: ArbMate Announcements
« on: April 17, 2019, 08:03:29 AM » is now supported for both Live and PreMatch!

ArbMate / Re: ArbMate Support
« on: April 16, 2019, 02:39:24 PM »
are you guys planning to have valuebets?

Every surebet has a value on the soft side, so we already have valuebets in service. Just not in the way that a normal value bet software provides them. You could easily use our filters to get only surebets/odds you need and when arbitrage with such odds appear, the soft side can be considered as having a value. You just have to navigate the odd (if the bookmaker is supported for navigating) or find it manually and place the desired amount.

ArbMate / Re: ArbMate Announcements
« on: April 16, 2019, 02:02:15 PM » was just added for navigating for Live and PreMatch with odds navigator

ArbMate / Re: ArbMate Announcements
« on: April 13, 2019, 01:03:50 PM » is now supported for both Live and PreMatch!

Have to agree with ArbMate there.

Thanks :) I forgot to mention that people with custom software should always have a developer around to support this product as bookies are updating their security each day and are changing the layout very often. Of course, you could use a free odds feed of the bookies (if they provide such) but it would be too slow. It all depends on your needs.

What was ur approach?
And what would you change?

I find a guy on a freelancing website that says he has experience but he is asking 3-4 k for the first version with 4 bookmakers and 1x2, Over/Under and AsianHandicap combos.

I think is it too much, or not?

It could sound like I am pushing everyone to use the public arb services instead of creating their own but if 3-4k sounds too much for most of you I should say that 3-4k for one month is a normal cost just to discuss the project with a developer and start building it. For 3-4k we can't even talk for a demo arb service or bot. If a freelancer promises you such thing I would bet that you will be disappointed for sure with the end result. As djordjeno has mentioned arb business is always changing. It could take you a month only to bypass the security of Bet365 to start scanning it ... You don't know what you're up against until you start dealing with it. It is not enough only to have a skilled developer. Arbitrage "stuff" is very tricky and complicated and you could see the reaction of a very skilled developer when you start explaining him the handicaps, what is arbitrage, which market should be scanned and how and etc. My advice is instead of starting from scratch and spend more than 50k (for example) euros for an own demo arb service with limited functionalities and bookmakers and etc to discuss a price with some of the already existing arb services that are leading on the market for some custom and private product. They know how much time it will take, how much it will cost and they are skilled and for sure it will be a much cheaper option for you. ArbMate is not dealing with such custom solutions so don't get this as an advertisement for our services. This is just advice as we are also in this business and we know the cost. Cheers!

ArbMate / Re: ArbMate Announcements
« on: April 11, 2019, 01:49:36 PM »
The first update is already here - we have added Betcris for Live betting and it is on stable mode now (previously on testing mode). Now we support it for both Live and PreMatch. As every other bookmaker in our list we have added it because it was requested by our arbers. They say that this bookmaker hasn't limited them for a long time and haven't rejected withdraw requests in the past few months. They even say it has become almost an arbitrage friendly bookmaker. Unfortunately, this bookmaker doesn't have many football events for Live betting. Yesterday we had to wait until ~16:00 o'clock to get the first live event there while on the other popular bookmakers there were more than 10 events for football at that time. Cheers and happy arbing with ArbMate!

ArbMate / ArbMate Support
« on: April 10, 2019, 01:38:39 PM »
Feel free to post your questions about our services here or contact us via email.

Please NOTE that if the answer to your question requires to provide private information like Account Email, Transaction ID and etc, you should send your question via email.

If you would like to report a problem with wrong arbitrages and wrong odds, follow these instructions:
1) specify if the problem is for Live or PreMatch
2) provide a screenshot of the arbitrage
3) provide a screenshot of the arbitrage calculator
4) provide a screenshot of the odd history
5) provide a screenshot of the selected odd in the bookmaker
NOTE: you could combine steps 1,2,3 and 4 by taking a single screenshot of your entire ArbMate application window.
6) any additional information like when this problem occurs, in what situations and etc.

If you would like to report a odds navigating issue, follow these instructions:
1) specify which domain(web address / URL) of the bookmaker you are trying to navigate: or and etc
2) specify if the problem is for Live or PreMatch
3) specify if the problem is with a "direct linking" type of navigation or with "odds navigator" type of navigation
4) specify in exactly what stage of the navigating process you are meeting troubles: for example if it navigates you to the wrong event; if it navigates you to the event page, but it is not selecting the odd; if it is selecting the wrong odd; if it is not filling the amount in the betslip and etc.
5) provide a screenshot of the page where you are navigated (including the page address)
6) any additional information like which market it is not navigating (you could take a screenshot of the arbitrage), at what time, in what condition and etc

For any other problem, please try to provide as much as possible information (with details and examples if possible).

Following the above instructions is mandatory. Otherwise, we won't be able to find and fix the problem or it could take much longer time.

The polite language while reporting bugs is also mandatory. We understand that you might become angry because something is not working as expected but please note that it is not in our interest to provide misfunctioning services so be sure we will do our best to keep everything up and running and to fix the eventual problems as soon as possible. Compensation could be provided according to our T&C depending on the case (for that matter you should always contact us via email as the compensations won't be discussed publicly in any way).

ArbMate / ArbMate Announcements
« on: April 09, 2019, 02:28:24 PM »
In this topic will be posting the updates in ArbMate including new features, bug fixes and promotions.

You could also follow our changelog.

ArbMate / ArbMate - Sure Bets Finder Review
« on: April 09, 2019, 02:20:08 PM »

Hi Arbers!
We are ArbMate – sports arbitrage betting service and would like to introduce ourselves to all who are dealing with arbing and to those who are just about to begin!

Why are we unique?

Mostly, because of our business model and the speed of bookmaker’s scanning. Yes, we scan the bookmakers by ourselves and are not relying on their feed like most of the arb services does. This has pros and cons of course. The pros are that the odds are updated much faster and the cons are that if the bookmaker changes their layout it could take us up to 24 hours to adjust the changes to our parser and start scanning it again.

What also makes us unique is the option to build your own subscription depending on your needs. You are not obligated to pay for everything, no matter you won’t use most of it. You could construct your subscription peace by peace, feature by feature, bookmaker by bookmaker as soon as you improve your skills and your bankroll of course. From our experience, nobody needs 100+ bookmakers at a time and that’s why we believe it is not right to be charged for such type of access. In ArbMate you could get exactly what you need – nor more, nor less.

What do we offer?

Each subscription in ArbMate includes access to unlimited positive and negative Surebets, Middles and Polish Middles arbs for both Live and PreMatch.

This comes with a free Google Chrome extension called “Odds Navigator” which usage can't be tracked by the bookmakers. It leads you automatically to the betting event page, automatically selects the odd and automatically enters the amount from your arb calculator to the betslip. It also provides an option to inject an auto-synchronized calculator on all of your bookmaker’s pages for your convenience! Navigating one device is unlimited and absolutely for free. Navigating multiple computers and virtual machines at the same time with a single ArbMate account comes with a small daily fee of 2 Euros and is an addition that you have a choice if it should be included in your subscription and for what period.

Same counts for the bookmakers. Each default subscription will give you access to the 3 most popular bookmakers Bet365, Bwin and Pinnacle. You could swap any of the purchased bookmakers with another supported bookie once per 30 days absolutely for free. After having an active default subscription you could add as many bookmakers you need ( the average cost per bookmaker for 30 days access is 3 Euros).

Only for users with yearly subscriptions, there is also an option to suspend the account once for an unlimited period of time.

Currently, we support only Soccer but more sports will be added soon. You could see all the supported bookmakers here.

We are expecting you!

That’s the most important so far. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Feel free to share your impressions for ArbMate in this topic.

Your loyal arb service,

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