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Neteller / Neteller / Skrill card deposit / withdraw at bookmakers
« on: January 11, 2019, 04:41:33 PM »
1) Is this possible to deposit to a bookmaker via Neteller / Skrill card?
2) Is this possible to withdraw from the bookmaker to the same card?

I couldn't use the direct Neteller / Skrill deposit option, because this bookmaker only allows Visa and Mastercard deposit/withdrawal.

Is there any site that could be used to filter future soccer matches based on past five match performance?
For example, I want to display today matches, where the home team scored at least one goal in their last 5 match (so at least one goal in every match). Same filter for the away team.

I could code this using, but I hope there is existing solution for this kind of filters.



I'm searching for BetFair acc/clone with trading support (back and LAY bet is supported). I need Horse Racing support, so Premium Shark is not an option. Also, the Mollybet solution isn't perfect for me, because they have no Lay bet support as I know.
A big plus will be BetFair Starting Price support for Horse Racing (BSP).
Thanks in advance.

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