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As you know, Arbusers started a long term research project, AVBI (Arbusers Value Betting Index )  in February 2018. This one year project resulted a very good €13k (€13,164) profit to this day!

After several analyses of this period we fine tuned our ODDS4STATS (aka O4S) value betting strategies and services. Our goal remains to support smart betting and smart gamblers with our unique value betting solutions.

See the results below:

- On the chart above, in tooltips, you see the start and end date of the one year AVBI period (Feb 2018 and Feb 2019)
- The charts show the whole working period of these strategies from Aug 2015 to Feb 2019!
- The information and results below the charts refers also to the period of Aug 2015 - Feb 2019.

All the seven O4S value betting strategy packages are public on with full details. Check each of them.

Moreover, O4S value betting tools (Value MinerValue Miner+) are FREE!

If you follow us in this topic, we will show you how these value betting strategies work. We will also publish important and useful information about value betting, step by step.

Follow us here or start using O4S value betting strategies on We would like you to create better strategies than ours with FREE O4S value betting tools.

Stay tuned.

« on: April 12, 2017, 03:46:48 PM »
All Forum members know exactly what is O4S, important to note that:
The bookmakers have made clever algorithm programs, which also rely on past statistics, but while it is important to note that this is "only" mathematics, it is also good as a starting point.
Bookmakers define odds with precise mathematical calculations. It is especially important to note, that no external factors affect these calculations (e.g. injuries, new players, important games or games where the outcome is unimportant, big derbies, etc).

We believe that this database will be brilliant technical assistance for many users and the strategy tips are intended to share thought-provoking ideas about the short or long-term effectiveness of the expected probability.

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