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Bookies discussion / betcris max withdrawable amount by skrill
« on: April 26, 2018, 08:21:59 AM »
Have anyone noticed that in the last days betcris increased max amount for each withdrawal?
In the past they applied a 21 euro fee for every payout of max 8900 euro (about 0,25%), then, on november 2017 they lowered that amount first to 4400 and after some days to 2100 euro so the fee would be 1%.
I got stuck with a lot of money inside and I stopped betting, it didn't worth anymore... I just began to withdrawal (they let me take money 4 times a month) and I didn't finished yet.
Today I notice that they changed max amount from 2100 to 4400 despite I wouldn't hope it anymore.
The question is: to play or not to play? Their fee system is flexible but this way it's impossible to determinate commissions/gain in the future.
Does anybody have the same problem? Thanks

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