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Value betting talk / Some interesting Data for Value Betting
« on: March 12, 2019, 03:26:48 PM »
Hello everyone. I thought i should share some of my stats regarding Value Bets.
 There are some interesting conclusions that someone can use i believe.
First of all all the data i provide here are taken from valuebets made on 3 High street bookmaker after comparing pinnacle's odds and the bookies odds using a well known software.
The whole sample of bets is almost 20.000 and the period is from 01/06/2018 till 10/03/2019 so that is 9 months.
So Total number of bets is 19708 where avg EV is 6.2% comparing pinnys closing lines to the odds played , my roi sits at a very good 7.2% while my stakes are at average 5E/stake. Initial Bank was 2000 euro.
What is more interesting though is that if i played only odds 3.2< odds played < 10 my roi would be at -13.6%. The sample of those bets is 1650 bets which is not a small sample to make some conclusions.
If i played only odds 1.5 < odds played < 3.2 my roi would be at almost 10%.
So is it my idea or is betting value bets on odds bigger than 3 a losing tactic? Anyone that has different results?

Bookies discussion / royrichie not accesible
« on: January 07, 2019, 08:14:29 AM »
Hello everyone ,
I have an account on Royrichie that i used for some casual punting but i decided to withdraw my funds from them like 10 days ago. I asked for a withdrawal that havent been processed for like 5 days. I sent them a mail asking why that they never replied. I cancelled that withdrawal and asked for a new one that guess what... havent been processed also. Again mail again no responce. Last 2 days i cannot even acess their site...
Anyone knows what happens with them?

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