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BetBurger / Re:
« on: June 24, 2019, 02:28:50 PM »
Dear users! We’re happy to inform you of a new sport we’ve added - squash.

More sports, more profitable surebets and valuebets on BetBurger! You can switch squash on in your Account settings, Multifilters tab.

BetBurger / Re: Value Bets – new functional from BetBurger!
« on: June 20, 2019, 02:47:09 PM »
Dear friends! We are happy to announce that we have taken into account all your suggestions and recommendations on the ValueBets functionality, and have carried out a thorough work on its improvement.

The updated ValueBets tool allows you to greatly improve the value betting efficiency. This, in turn, would result in a positive impact on your potential earnings.

Read the Manual section to get more details on how to work with the updated ValueBets tool:

In order to get started with the updated Valuebets functionality, switch to the Pricing page and select the most suitable subscription option:

What's new in the updated ValueBets tool:
ValueBet profitability calculation added. Now we have a possibility to display valuebet yield in the layout. Check out our blog to see the formula to calculate valuebet yield with illustrative examples of the process of using our service:
Simultaneous use of several filters. You can create several multifilters with different settings for different sports and leagues.
The Accounting option added. This feature greatly facilitates keeping statistics on bets you’ve made.
Sorting by the value bet yield and index added. Sort your layout in the way profitable ValueBets appear on the top.
Enhanced multifilter settings. You can set all parameters you require for more effective work with overstated odds.

Are you doing some summer sale? I would like to try your software now and take your plan for a month  but I think it's not fair to pay the same price like in full season.

Currently we have no active discounts. We advise you to keep an eye on our forum news ( or Facebook (\Telegram ( page to be aware of any promotions going on.

Redirect to Bet365 has broken. We are in the process of fixing it.

Any news on that?

The redirect is fixed, but now it works only in the way it is available now since the bookmaker changed their API and do not provide betslip ID anymore.
You can copy the betslip link separately (CTRL+C).

again problems?
404 - File or directory not found.
The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

if i try to go tru the betburger link to bet365

Redirect to Bet365 has broken. We are in the process of fixing it.

Hi, I'm sorry if it was asked before, but how exactly does Pinnacle's redirect to betslip work?

Because on prematch, when I click on Pinnacle outcome, it redirrects me to their site, but I'm always logged out, even if I logged in on previous redirecting instance and can't get it to work properly.


Hello. Could you please indicate what is your address in the logged version of Pinnacle? Is it or
Insert one of these addresses in the Bookmakers settings:

Arbusers i am really sorry to say this but you have taken my post completely out of context and then tried to ridicule me. I stated in my post Betburger is a great service and we as customers have been loyal for over half a decade. This mechanism you have created is great arbusers. Its a place where viewpoints can be exchanged. And as you noted more often than not problems get sorted.

However as the last 10 pages of this post suggests. There has been an in-balance between delivery and expectation. I understand we live in a dynamic environment that is ever changing. But when we reach out either through email or through this platform. We keep getting told that this has been identified and will be dealt with shortly. However 2 months later its the same thing,

William Hill is a great example. There are arbs that are minutes delayed. Even when you click on the arb betburgers own service says this odds no longer exist. In this case it should be pretty simple for Betburger not to show the arb especially when we are talking about the same error showing for over 3 minutes inplay

Again on the flip side Betburger do show good arbs with William Hill, but if 65% are obvious errors you can imagine the opportunity cost of this time.

I am not here to talk about boycotting i would just like an evolution of the communication exchange . You have a base here that want to be loyal to you

Thank you for your feedback. We're always ready to help when it's within our power. In the case with WH, we're doing everything possible to detect and fix the bug.

can you confirm whether the bet365 prematch issues are fixed at the moment?

And can you tell us a bit more about the matter of this issue? Its been now a few months of continuously reappearing incorrect arbs on bet365 which you seem to not be able to fix permanently, so giving a bit more of an insight to the community of your customers about the reasons why this is happening is the least you could do.

You are able to confirm very quickly always when we tell you there is an issue on bet365 - why is it that you are not able to set your system that it would automatically not display these false arbs then? Not displaying any arbs is miles better than displaying false arbs, so if you can see it clearly from your logs that you were displaying false arbs why cant you make a solution that simply wouldnt display arbs in case of such an error until you are able to fix it? That would finally be an acceptable fix to this reocurring problem which angers a lot of your customers and didnt happen in the past.

Hello. We rewrote Bet365 at the end of last week, as they switched to a new API. In general, the bookmaker is now working well. The only problem is the nominal totals, which we scan incorrectly for some events. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. This should be fixed tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

i poste every day here fromfriday, you know about what bookmaker i speak alredy,.....

If you're talking about Bet365, there is an issue in some matches. We are already working on the solution.

again u/o markets.....

Please, indicate a bookmaker as well.

and here we ago agian....

Today's issue with Bet365 was removed in 10 min after it appeared. Do you have any problems right now?

Today you were very fast in fixing it. I know its hard. Are you working on permanent solution or 365 continues to change its site mechanism to fight you ?

Yes, we're working on permanent solution, but Bet365 continues to make changes on their site. The latest changes of Bet365 entailed a significant optimization, so some bugs and possible skips may appear. If you notice any gaps, please let us know.

Fix pinnacle pre game please -_-

Thanks, we are already working on fixing the issues.

no Wolfie, services have more bookmakers  with years, but more erros. ANd mayn profesionals dont care for some Nigerian bookie...

They care more for new fish in those countries. It is bad for us. I think they should put more programmers on important base international bookies. Bet365 and sharps should be priority.

We're currently working on such improvements.
We do not add any new bookies now, though we always accept your offers and recommendations.

and here we ago agian....

Today's issue with Bet365 was removed in 10 min after it appeared. Do you have any problems right now?



Hi guys, apologies for the above information, it's actually Boyles I intended to report, not Coral. I was closed with Coral a long time ago and haven't used them since, I'm not sure why they were on my mind. BoyleSports is the bookmaker I'm having latency issues with. It's taking over 60 seconds in most cases. Also just to confirm, Ladbrokes scanning is working fine for me, no issues there, so presumably Coral is ok too sorry for the false alarm!

Thanks for the clarification. We'll check delays in BoyleSports Live. 

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