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 on: Today at 12:24:33 PM 
Started by fnatic91 - Last post by sagosen
Just made deposit with debit card on bet365, and Neteller and Skrill is still unavailable on bet365?

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Started by gamblehappier - Last post by Mtipster
One question, regarding e-wallets, CRS and etoro:
Depositing via e-wallet seems the simplest choice for us, but it is a big "no, no", right?

On topic - as Degiro is unavailable in my country, I found tradestation-international global. They offer IB account but with a fee structure better fitting for "buy and hold".

 on: Today at 11:53:45 AM 
Started by gamblehappier - Last post by arbusers
Information I received from Saxobank indicates a 3 weeks delay before opening an account.
e-Toro is also informing new registrants there are delays.
DeGiro is giving a queue line number of 4 digits.

All these shows there is a wave of new registrations on these platforms. It is also a signal that we have at least one wave down, as this is not indicating capitulation or despair.

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Started by arbusers - Last post by kapetan1122
Meanwhile in China.
People never learn. The photo was taken today.

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You can eat alligators in USA and Australia,what is your point?
You need to understand that if something is strange or weird to eat in your or mine country it isn't in others?why can we eat cow,chicken and not dog or cat?because somebody in our past start to eat it and now we continue like that,Chinese people eat all this things for centuries and if you see some things that is eaten in my country you ll also probably think we are crazy but its totally normal and i live in Europe.I agree we should ban eating animals that have small number or near instinct but again i don't see what is different between eating a bat or lets say octopus?When my mother in law (she is from different country) saw octopus,squids,shrimps she was disgusted and she never want to eat it,i did the same when i was in China and when i saw some of their food but i don't think we should forbid it because i or you don't like it.

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10% up in 2 days with nothing but bad data coming out everywhere

Typical relief rally.

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Started by Lordharut - Last post by arbusers

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Started by arbusers - Last post by Alfa1234
"The market can stay irrational much longer than you can stay solvent".  It seems this quote is more appropriate than ever these days, but the other way around.  10% up in 2 days with nothing but bad data coming out everywhere and predictions ranging from a -10 to a -24% growth quarter.  There is no reason at all for this big jump in stocks these days.  A last convulsion before the inevitable fall?

 on: Today at 09:50:00 AM 
Started by Lordharut - Last post by Conradnorge
I am interested. Please send me email. Thanks.

 on: Yesterday at 11:16:17 PM 
Started by Blackoutt777 - Last post by betmachine
Hello people,

I want to start this thread in order to see if there are users of this forum willing to share opinions and experiences about migrating to a country and start being a professional gambler there (for EU citizens especially).
Which is the best country where you can move to, open a bank account with banks that are gaming friendly (allowing betting transactions) and use agents in a fully legal way?

A pro gambler might have his income coming from betting activities only, so finding a bank that allows you to do just these kind of transactions is a crucial part. I am considering using a bank account at this point because of the amounts involved. It will not be my case, but there are gamblers who are not satisfied when the bookie lets them staking single bets for 3K.
Beware that some agents might be accessible via internet, letting you open an account with them, but are not legal according to the country law (as in Italy for example). So this "ideal" country has to be extremely betting friendly as well.

It is probably extremely difficult that a country allows you to live in his territory without having a job there and living of betting, isn't? Could opening a "business" there be a way to overcome this point? Even if you don't have any skills and you will not generate any income (or very little one compared to the one from betting) from this "business". Simple and stupid ideas that come to my mind are registering a noprofit business, creating a website where you can sell a very few things (your pictures etc).

To make it short, is there a Super friendly betting country that allows anyone to live and operate from? This country does not necessarily need to be a EU country but Pinnacle or agents are a must nowdays.

I am sorry if my writing is not that good, but I find the argument really complex and the idea of migrating itself takes huge efforts physically and psychologically . A lot of things to be considered in order to act legally (residency, taxes etc.).
It would be great if people who recently migrated to a country for gambling purposes can share their experiences.
In the case this topic will have even a little bit of success we can keep it updated with new experiences.

P.S I will edit the post later if I find more clear ways to expose my thoughts, but I think the main idea is easily understandable.
    Moldova , Ucraina best location ..

 on: Yesterday at 10:56:48 PM 
Started by Blackoutt777 - Last post by Blackoutt777
In Bulgaria there are no taxes on Gambling winnings and there is access to the brokers. The Gambling commission used to block a lot of softbooks due to licensing and they even went as far as to delay Bet365's license by 2 years, because the local books were bribing them. But people used mirror sites for all the softies anyway, so it was never really a problem.

Logistically it's a great for Gambling. I had dealings with IRS, but if you describe the process of betting and moving your money around, they will be cool. Speaking from a local's POV tho, so keep that in mind.

If this would occur to me I won't be able to speak Bulgarian with them for sure, so it might be a problem. Dealing with IRS means the bank you used "reported" you to them, is that so?

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