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Surebet Calculator, the app
« on: April 26, 2014, 04:49:27 PM »

Hello everyone!

I want to introduce you to my newest app "Surebet Calculator".

It's a calculator for surebets. It helps you calculate the stakes you need to put on every bet for maximum profit. It's also a surebet-checker which is very convenient if you search for surebets manually (or to check changed odds). The app supports decimal and fractional odds, for 2 or 3 outcomes.

There are a lot of calculators on the web, but this one helps you improve your profit and helps you avoid getting limited by bookmakers. There are four distribution options in the app:

1) Equal profit. This is the regular distribution at which you get the same profit for every outcome.

2) All or nothing. You can choose to get all your profit for one outcome. The other outcome will make you break even. This is very handy if one side of the bet is much more likely to happen, or if you're trying to get rid of some bonuses.

3) According to probability. This distribution gives you higher profit for lower odds and vice versa. So the side of the bet with the highest chance of winning, will give you the highest profit. The side with the lower chance of winning will still give you a profit, although it will be a bit lower.

4) Rounded stakes. I'm sure a lot of you have experienced being limited by a bookmaker. One of the techniques they use to identify an arber, is to look at his stakes. Because an arber calculates his stakes, they'll often be unrounded. You can choose to round your odds to any integer you want (from 1 to 1000 and even further). This will help you stay on the radar of the bookmakers a lot longer.

If you want to give some feedback or you think of some improvements I can make, you can contact me in-app or just comment on this message.

Thank you and happy arbing!
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