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Foolproof bookies
« on: August 15, 2014, 04:09:25 PM »

I dont wanna sound stoopid but can someone please list bookies that at max might close your account after your join bonus but nothing else, like not confiscate your money.

So, what bookies that have for example a 100$ or 10$ join bonus/free bet, will allow me to either bet it to the fullest of their TC and still get away with it. For example if it is a 100% join bonus of upto 100$ and you must cycle it 300%, well I do the betfair lay thing.

What bookies will let me:

I bet their 100$ bonus on a horse, lets say it looses. I laid it on betfiar, i made something ++90$ after commission and cause odds arent usually very close BUT I still have 100$ in my new bookie account (my deposit).

What places let me cold bloodidly withdraw my initial deposit after i squandered their money. I made 90$. If I dont make it first, I cycle it untill its mine and then withdraw it.

Bookie requirements for me:
The bookie can ask for documents.
The bookie can ask the deposit be made by credit card OR if the bookie only wants a skrill/neteller. I can go read their page myself for this little detail if you dont remember this off the bat.

Can you people say just right of your mind, what places come to mind that will let me just by following the rules, get their bonus.

It is non an issue if they close my account after the join bonus.

Thank you if you can help

I need to get an old american v8 car and paint a woman on the hood and go get her from the neighboring town where she moved so all extra income is now welcome. I have no clue what those cost and want to keep it that way for a little more so I dont get a headache. If I only make money for train ticket/airplane , it might also be enough.
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Re: Foolproof bookies
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2014, 05:58:07 PM »

I would like to get a list of this also please if anyone has some.
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