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« on: September 23, 2014, 03:26:00 PM »

i really advice you to not deposit neither a cent on this bookie
here is my story
on 11th september i placed 4 multiple bets, all of them winning, infact as
soon as the matches finished i got paid
the day after betuniq put one of the match that i placed in all the 3-fold
multiple as pending
the match is himeshaza ujpest that ended with the score 0-13 and i gambled on
the correct score OTHER at the odd 6,8
in this book other means one team will score at least 6 goals
after two days the bookie voided this odd stating that the odds were wrong,
apart that no other bookie offered odds for this match is very unfair and
illegal to declare voided 4 winning bets after some days, inventing an excuse
that the odds were wrong after i won my bets
however from a net winning of 1436,31 euros now i have just a winning of 32,1
this is just a robbery and disgusts that i cant do anything about it
however i wrote lga to see what they say
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