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« on: January 05, 2016, 12:57:07 PM »

hi, we are 2 french guy, living in asia ( more sunshine ) and betting since long time
dont care about past results, but we think we are not so bad to propose good deal :)
by day we can propose between 1 and 3 bets maximum, on any sports
we just looking for value
and bet on asian bookmakers only
we use flat stake
and we send one newsletter by day at the same hour ( 12:00 in europe ) same principe as gowi

for the 3 first month, all is free, we post here 2/3 times by week, and if you want all newsletter for free just send message to :


newsletter send in french and translate in english too
for trust results i imagine we can send newsletter to arbusers ? if yes which mail ? Because looking but not find

thanks for the support ;)


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« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2016, 01:05:12 PM »

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your efforts.
You don't have to send any newsletter to the forum, because there is no time to check and verify anyone's performance.
Thank you.


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« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2016, 10:27:50 AM »

ok thanks for the answer
we will send every newsletter for the first month and we try to going on betrush and BA for verification :)

Newsletter 06 January 2015


Belgium vs Turkey : Belgium -0.5 @ 1.775 pinny

Leviadakos vs AEK : AEK Draw no Bet @ 1.68 sbo

Parlay : GG Lopez + Chardy to win @ 1.93 pinny

French :

Petite journée aujourd'hui avec quelques matchs de coupe, ainsi que la reprise en série A pour le football.
Le tennis reprend également avec quelques tournois intéressants et on a pu le voir hier énormément de surprise avec des défaites de Ferrer et F. Lopez notamment.
Pour aujourd'hui on a quand même réussi à trouver quelques bets qui sont intéressants

Handball World - Championship Qualification Men

Belgique vs Turquie

La Turquie à perdu ses 5 derniers matchs de toujours 4 buts minimum
Elle n'a quasiment aucune chance de ce qualifier vu que la République tchèque est déjà en tête avec deux victoires en deux matchs. Il faudrait surement un sans faute pour elle.
La Belgique ne devrait pas avoir de problème pour ce match et la côte est pas trop mal encore
Elle commence à chuter un peu. Mais elle reste value quand même

Tennis :
Ante Pavic vs Guillermo Garcia-Lopez
GG Lopez a eu énormément de mal hier mais c'est finalement qualifié pour le prochain tour.
Contre Pavic 449eme à l'atp, si il commence bien et qu'il fais un peu moins d'erreur qu'hier il devrait gagner assez logiquement et rapidement

Jeremy Chardy vs PH Mathieu
Premier match plutôt simple pour Chardy alors que Mathieu a gagner en 3 sets
Premier gros match entre français cette saison et la logique voudrais que Chardy confirme sa dernière belle saison et remporte ce match contre Mathieu qui n'est plus tout jeune


Leviadakos vs AEK

AEK n'a pas perdu à Leviadakos lors de leur 5 derniers matchs
La qualité est vraiment de leur coté et pour ce huitièmes de final je ne vois pas l'AEK se faire sortir surtout sielle joue avec son équipe type.

Short day today with some cup matches as well as the recovery in Series A for soccer.
Tennis also includes tournaments with some interesting and we could see yesterday with considerable surprise defeats Ferrer and F. Lopez in particular.
For today we still managed to find some bets that are interesting

Handball World - Championship Qualification Men

Belgium vs Turkey

Turkey lost their last 5 games always at least 4 goals
It has virtually no chance to qualify this since the Czech Republic is already leading with two wins in two games. It would surely flawless for her.
Belgium should have no problem for this match and the odds is not too bad yet
She begins to drop slightly. But it is still value

Tennis :
Ante Pavic vs Guillermo Garcia-Lopez
GG Lopez has had great difficulty yesterday but finally qualified for the next round.
Pavic, the 449th atp. If GG Lopez starts well and do a little less error yesterday he should win logically and quickly

Jeremy Chardy vs PH Mathieu
First pretty simple game for Chardy while Mathieu win in 3 sets
French first big match this season and logic want see Chardy confirm last good season and won the match against Mathieu who is no longer young


Leviadakos vs AEK

AEK has not lost in Leviadakos during their last 5 matches
The quality is really on their side and the knockout final I do not see AEK out in 1/8 finales especially if they play with her best team


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« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2016, 07:06:40 AM »

you can find here all the last newsletter i send to customers. Thanks to ppl to send me message for be IN !!!!!!!!!!

i give you here only the english version :

newsletter 8 january 2016

Tips of the day :

Exeter vs Liverpool : under 3 @ 1.79 sbo
Federer vs Dimitrov : Federer -1.5 sets @ 1.62 pinny
Azarenka vs Crawford : Crawford + 6.5 games @ 1.7 sbo

For today and this weekend we continue to search for value
Go to english football with the Cup.

Exeter vs Liverpool

Liverpool has a lot of players out for this game. In defense it is the slaughter.
After the victory against Stoke City in the Carling Cup morale is there. I think if Liverpool score first, the team will settle
especially to defend well. Exeter should play more defensively enough and with the abscence of Coutinho in particular I do not see who can so easily destroy the bus
For their match under the 3 @ 1.79 on sbo is really interesting.


Federer vs Dimitrov

Federer needed just 55 minutes yesterday for his return to competition.
Dimitrov has instead been a lot more difficult to discard Troicki
During their three h2h, Federer always win 2 sets to 0.
For today, I can not see Dimitrov resist.

Azarenka vs Crawford

Crawford the new sensation of women's tennis? Here is a player to follow closely.
After beating Petkovic and Bencic particular, a new big game today.
The cut is really hard today. Even if it loses, with all the confidence it has accumulated in recent days should keep up against Azarenka is malgrès all in great shape (10 games concede in 3 games and expeditious wins)
Attempts bet that I find really interesting

newsletter number 1. 9 january 2016


Wycombe vs Aston Villa : over 2.25 @ 1.95 sbo
Norwich vs Manchester City : Manchester city to win 1.75 @ pinny
Real Madrid vs La Coruna : Real Madrid -2.25 @ 1.81 sbo

 Wycombe vs Aston Villa

Aston Villa one of the worst teams in the first league. Since some years they playing with fire to not fall in Championship. This match can allow them to win a game and to build confidence for the rest of the season if it will be very hard to stay in the Premier League. Between a second zone team and a weak team in the Premier League for the Cup, a competition aside and highly looking in England, we can expect a pretty nice match with two teams that have nothing to loose. The cut for over 2.25 is really interesting. I absolutely do not see a 1-0 or 0-1 win for either team.

Norwich City vs Manchester City

Manchester City, even with a bis team must win this game. Carling Cup, City lost against Everton. City not good enough on the outside, but this team aims to win trophies every year. It is essential to start by winning this game and avoid a return match in a draw. So we will leave on a logic that wants to win City.

Real Madrid vs La Coruna

Zidane new coach. Players Benitez was fed up, do not was supporting. The equation is simple for me for this match. If players are behind their new coach (and I think they will be, for all Zidane represents in Madrid ) the team should make a very good game and score a lot of goals.
Caution still in LA Coruña made a very good run at the moment. The team to ask a lot of problems in Barcelona, ??and no doubt they will want to do the same with Real.

newsletter number 2. 9 january 2016

tips of the day :

arsenal vs sunderland : arsenal -1.25, 1.75 @ pinny
djokovic vs nadal : djokovic -1.5 sets, 1.625 @ pinny
parlay : federer + youznhy to win, 2.00 @ pinny

 Djokovic vs Nadal

Djokovic huge favorite, an easy tournament for the moment. Nadal make a tournament also quite easy and we  found the awaited final. Djoko took over mentally on Nadal and want to prove to everyone that it is always the boss for the new year

Federer vs Raonic
Youznhy vs. Soeda

Federer often struggles against Raonic in the final but it should not be too difficult to shed Raonic.  There is the risk of tiebreaker if Raonic managed to have a significant % of first ball will be difficult to break. But Roger remains one of our heroes, and the final one can only bet on him (except against Djokovic haha)

Youznhy to the odds, review triumph in even a minor tournament will make us happy. Play good this week and he never fall down when he had  some difficult moments.


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« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2016, 04:06:39 PM »

you can find here all my bets for this month with small break for health problem

Not many units win but we think only about long term

here is the bets for today :

Manchester city vs Everton     
Manchester city -1     @ 1.87 Sbo    (1 stake)

Excelsior vs Psv             
PSV - 1                      @ 1.598 pinny (1 stake)
Djokovic vs Federer             
Djokovic to win          @ 1.375 pinny (1.5 stake)

Manchester City vs Everton

Who ? Who for play against Liverpool @ Wembley ?
City lost the first leg. 2-1.
At home, few weeks ago, they play against Everton draw 0-0.
Today i see different game. Everton play good against big team, but for this match big pressure on City.
City is a great team at home, score lot of goals, conceed not a lot. They need win, and for this game big squad will play.
Aguero is back on top, and its big difference for us.
If City score early it could be good for us, and can see many goals, even i think Everton will play defensiv at the begin of the game.

Excelsior vs Psv

Ajax make draw at home yesterday.
Big opportunity for Psv to come back 1 pt to the leader.
Nothing to add, its a big value bet for us i think, only question of motivation.

Djokovic vs Federer

Semi finals
Federer, the legend is still there. He play very good since the beginning of the tournament.
Djoko play good.. As always ( except against Simon with 100 directs fault !)
In 3 sets winner, Djoko is better (physical and mental)
Djoko is the favorite for this tournamenent ( as all tournament he play ).
Odds not too big but still look value up to 1.30 for this kind of game


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