Starting questions on Arbitrages

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Starting questions on Arbitrages
« on: April 04, 2016, 07:45:22 AM »

Hallo guys, my Name is Christian, I'm Italian (for now Im in Mexico for an ''experiences'') and Im new in this arbitrage world.
Is at least 1 month that I serch Information about Arbistrage and at least a lot years that I don't speak a good English :)

I start with some questions generical and specifical (not in order..)
1. Is possible live with arbitrage?
Probably Yes, If u know 1000 peoples and you can create new account every time but Is a more ''natural'' system? Keeping information in internet I read that as long bookmakers limited you (I want keep more info about this ''how can my account during more and how to find solution for have a long arbitrage experiences)

2. Which is the best software for make arbitrage?
I only test RebelBetting
Im Italian, some bookmakers don't want me, another from Mexico don't want me too. I read about asiaconnection site but the site offer is really Limited, are then another site/private user that can eventually help me?

3. I read about a monthly earning of 10-15% of bankroll, but we can make really better?
I read about a 10-15% of monthly bankroll but we can make really better with roll 5.000 up to a goal to 20.000?
I know that I need considering roll swing on bookA to bookB and the consideration where I can have money on bookA today but If for example I have 5.000 roll and I plan to make 80/100 surebets a day I can decrease this limitation of swing, not close to zero but really a lot. Then Ipotizing I can use my roll more than 1 time a day, for example moove 5000 1.5x but I have some swing amount on farious book, then the final example is that every day I arrive to moove 5.000 with a 1% surebet amount.
At the end of month is like 5.000*1%*30 = 1.500$
but every day I have some small earnings then... Investing every day roll + earning I arrive to earning 1739 Is this a dream?

For now I dont want waste a lot the time of user with specificals question, I want make it next after some user reply me :)
Please I ask a good advice for setting my work on arbitrage on the top, thanks.
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