Ip geolocation

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Ip geolocation
« on: April 20, 2016, 07:17:45 PM »

This is my post from vpn topic

Quote from: Seb on September 30, 2015, 06:39:36 PM
Hi all, I see that a lot of members have problem with VPN. I've deal with this a lot, and I found an alternative solution.
Example: If you live in Austria and you go to Croatia on holidays, check your IP on your mobile phone with data roaming ON (not connected to local wifi spot), still Austria IP, despite the fact that you are in Croatia…
I try this and work great for me. Maybe will help someone here.

this is exactly what i wanted to ask about ip geolocation....

first do they know that you are using ip of some other country?
does bookie care about this that you are in croatia and ip is from austria?i mean did you get limited because of this or they didn't care and limits come as usual ?

how you use vpn if bookies knows that you are in other country than ip shows?

How skrill react to this problem about location? 
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