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End of season effect

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End of season effect
« on: August 20, 2016, 09:46:57 AM »

I mentioned it several times before but would like to come back with a more detailed post. This is a piece of advise for those who like to experiment with this kind of action and those who could really exploit it. The wider audience could see it as ''general knowledge''.
During these last 13-15 years I noticed that as we re closing at the end of each season, many late goals happen in a number of championships. When I m talking about late goals, I mean goals after the 90th minute of each game. This phenomenon is very much vivid at the last 2-3 weekends before the end of each season, and it really tops at the last game of each team. It can be observed in 2 kinds of championships.
The first kind is those championships who are very clean and very competitive. I m talking about the UK now. Players are running like dogs until the last whistle, chasing the result the team needs the most. I can recall many thrillers in EPL, SPFL where the money is big, but in lower leagues as well. Games where a relegation, a promotion or a European ticket (with this specific order) is at stake are the best choices. Chances are multiplying numerically when 2 of these situations co-exist within the same game.
The second kind, is those extremely corrupted championships. Those with the unexpected rapid odd movements, or where the odds are magnetized towards a direction with no clear explanation. I m sure that you all experienced arbers are exploiting these markets through arbitrage and trading, so you really understand what I m talking about. Even though these games are slow and players are really bored to run from one side to another, late goals do occur very often. To remove the curtain of corruption, games in these championships are all starting at the same time, but it is the extra time at the end of each game that cant be regulated by any authority, corrupted or not. My observation reveals that when a game is decided, the factors of another game that might end 1-2 minutes later are changing rapidly.
As mentioned before, the end of the season is a gold mine for arbitrage and trading in these markets, but here I m presenting an additional source of profits and it should be treated as such. Also, as a side knowledge, you should keep the fact that this is a very bad period to trust a tipster to bet on the result of the game, simply because the factors enabled are far beyond anyone’s horizon.
I believe there is a lot of value in these markets for a next goal bet after 90-92nd minute. The odds are really high and so are the rewards. Even though you will lose many bets, it is the over all result of the effort that rewards the most.
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