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Read carefully
« on: October 23, 2017, 10:55:46 AM »

Firstly, on behalf of the team who has worked to deliver the arbusers forum, I extend to you a very warm ‘’thank you’’ for being here. We are particularly grateful to the members that stood with us from the very start of the forum back in 2010, not to mention the comrades from the older forum and websites since 2003. We believe this forum’s contribution to the smart gambling community is immense according to the feedback that we receive from our members.
The forum is fully committed to the duties of good corporate ethos, complying with all applicable laws, paying taxes and supporting many organisations and individuals in the metropolitan areas where we live and work.
In order to achieve this corporate ethos, we requested multidisciplinary guidance from a number of experts. The results of this guidance reflects on our daily contact with our members and is summarised in the registration agreement and the terms and conditions that constitute the relationship between the forum and all members who access it after signing and accepting them electronically upon registration on the forum.
We believe that some unintended deviations might occur in the day-to-day operation of the forum. However, we regret to inform you that lately we observed several cases of misuse and abuse of the forum. These cases went far to extortion, blackmail and defamation.
We actively keep a record of our communications, together with all collected data as described in our registration agreement and our Terms and Conditions and we take all appropriate measures to defend our selves as human beings, and the forum as an entity.
Seen through this prism, we would like you to mind the registration agreement and the Terms and Conditions of the forum. We also kindly ask you to report any case of misuse or abuse of the forum as it is a product of common intellect and belongs to those who contribute to it.

Thank you very much for being here,
The arbusers team
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