Betfair strange situation!

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Betfair strange situation!
« on: November 02, 2017, 02:55:56 PM »

Hi guys,

I would like your thoughts and relavant experience with Betfair if any with the following case:

When one looks to withdraw to Neteller they show a symbol next to this way meaning there is no fee. It seems that they charged me for taking an amount out in 6 withdrawals.

After logging in to my account today i show 48 missing cause I keep an excel file along to always be sure about transactions. The 48 euros i was missing did not show on betfair

statement and I just made sure on twitter that I wasn't even notified on email for this. Betfair decided to charge me 48 euros for overwithdrawing, a thing I couldn't possibly know

before hand. Now they have me on hold to see if they will pay me back or not.

Please comment and advice. Thank you.
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