How to effectively use SINGBET with no voids

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Author Topic: How to effectively use SINGBET with no voids  (Read 1564 times)
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How to effectively use SINGBET with no voids
« on: September 19, 2018, 05:28:29 PM »

As we all know Singbet (aka Crown) voids many bets, especially those that were offered with better odds compared to the competition (pinnacle, sbo etc)
In many occasions Singbet odds are much better compared to the competition. Especially when we talk about X-2 outcomes and higher odds (3.7+). I really cant afford to lose these odds, especially when Pinnacle is a tick or more than a tick down.
I will quickly give a couple of examples from today's Champions League games. Feel free checking

Young Boys v Manchester United draw
Singbet 3.90
Pinnacle 3.83

Real Madrid v Roma draw (the biggest game of the day)
Singbet 6.30
Pinnacle 6.25

The examples are numerous and in some cases the differences are much bigger than these. To get these odds with no risk of void, I bet in Singbet with Betinasia through Skype.
Indeed there is a delay for accepting my bets but most of the times they do accept them with the odds that I mention and these bets are not voided for some months now. Since the Singbet's odds are so much higher than Pinnacle I never faced a situation when the odds changed dramatically against me. On top of that I get the 0.10% cash back from the arbusers referral.
The examples that I gave above are for Champions League games. The situation is changing when i want to bet in lower leagues where the limits are significantly lower. In this situation time plays a more important role and several time I noticed odds from Pinnacle and SBO going near to the odds that I request.

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