Words of warning

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Words of warning
« on: November 12, 2018, 05:27:55 PM »

The need for due diligence never stops in the smart gambling sector, no matter if it is betting, casino, poker, or anything else. During the years of our action in smart betting we came to conclusion that some phrases and words spell trouble and we suggest being vigilant when you see them. If your bookmaker, your brokers or any other service, keeps saying them all the time, or twisting your arm to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, or against common logic and against the mathematics of smart gambling, then most probably trouble is around. Here’s the kind of wording that should set off warning bells:

The opportunity of a lifetime
You need to hurry
It’s a sure thing
The smart money is there
It’s a no-brainer
You can’t afford not own it
You’ll be sorry if you don’t ...
You should focus on performance, not fees
Don’t you want to be rich? (or any other mentioning of Ferraris, and glamorous life)
You can’t lose
Risk free
There’s no downside
I’m putting my mother init
Trust me
No one else knows how to do this

Of course more words could be added here and the list could go on and on for pages.
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Re: Words of warning
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great insights, thanks for the share that broadens our perspectives
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