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Smarkets live arb
« on: November 13, 2018, 09:08:42 PM »

I had a look at the graph smarkets records of the live traded odds of a tennis game.

you need to select "in game" and then hover over the graph and move the sliding scale over to 17:48 o'clock and you will see that around that time there were some huge arbs to be had. Specifically

Bertens 2.38
Kerber 2.64

Now this is so ridiculous that I even wonder if  it's true at all or whether that smarking recording graph is off somehow. There are a few more believable arbs in there too that I managed to find like a 1.99 : 2.20 . Can't do that much with it though since even though this was a major tournament on the WTA tour the total traded amount was low at 20k.

Has anybody got experience with smarkets and knows whether these arbs actually exist?
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