VPN for UK bookies

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VPN for UK bookies
« on: July 31, 2019, 04:01:04 PM »

I'm looking for a service that provides residential IP in the UK, as I live in another country.
Which one is the best one?
Because I have tried VPNUK with their Virgin Mobile ISP that was supposed to work at bet365 and other UK bookies, but as soon as I opened my account at GalaCasino they immediately asked for verification, I sent the documents and my account was blocked after that, same thing happened on some different site owned by the same company (Coral is the main owner). One account was positively verified on live chat though, owned by a different company, but I didn't request a withdrawal yet, so they might ask for more documents, as they also asked for verification right away after registration, they didn't even let me deposit at first (or maybe that's standard for UK bookies now? because 1-2 years ago when they asked for verification right away after registering I knew that account is fucked, they red-flagged it as suspicious).
I'm looking for something that doesn't look suspicious to the bookie, like I'm actually in the UK.
I already ordered a UK sim card and will be trying it out when it arrives, but I'm hoping I can find something better in the meantime.
This thread looks interesting- https://arbusers.com/index.php?topic=5278.0
as it offers a real physical connection to a PC that is actually located in the UK, but it's quite expensive and complicated and the opinions vary from good to bad.
Also please don't suggest PureVPN, NordVPN etc. as bookies can detect it right away and there's no chance of it to work.
Please let me know what you tried out and what worked for you best.
Thanks in advance for all the replies.
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