Best P2P lending sites

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Best P2P lending sites
« on: April 03, 2020, 10:50:51 PM »

Hello guys.Now that we do not have matches,its good time for searching and setting goals

Most of you know P2P lendind sites.After a google search i found a list of best P2P sites.
Funding Circle. ...
Prosper. ...
CircleBack Lending. ...
Peerform. ...
Lending Club.

Has anyone here invest to p2p lendind sites?Does it worth?Any company to suggest?Most people will say that they are risky,but i will want an opinion of someone who actually uses p2p.As i have seen in the past,a lot of members here interested.

Most banks in rich countries(HSBC,citibank etc) have very low interest rates for deposits.And if i am not wrong,in most of countries with euro,dollar order to open a bank account, you should have a house or a bill in your name.

The only banks i found with high interest rates for deposits was at another currency and in poor countries,which is risk.No one is going to invest in these banks. Actually, depositing in banks, is the worst investment.

So anyone can share a p2p lending experience..

Below a useful old thread about p2p lending
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