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Western union - Moneygram
« on: December 21, 2020, 03:18:47 PM »

Hi ... I want to use one of this 2 money transfer methods , but no experience so wondering if got things right and what is the safest thing to do.
The goal is to send 500 euros  in a girl in Moldovia  ... a country not sepa as mine and although she has skrill and bank account, strangely are not good options in her town !

1) Simplest and fastest is to use my ecopayzcard to make an online payment to western union ...  i pay 521 euro and she gets 500 in a pick up spot , all look clear enought.

I can do the same with Moneygram , but i see a charge of 503 euros , with asterisk of more fees from my card ... i guess this is 4% for  Cash services ecopayz refers in the site, but i cant be sure before i pay.. so total of 523 probably .

(I try to keep skrill - neteller - ecopayz as "clear" as posible and also spread the risk  ... meaning i try to avoid p2p  .. so im a bit sceptical if its safe to pay this sites by card in case a book ask for wallet history )

2) Cheapest way seems to be a transfer from my bank to western union ... just 505 euros total !!!!
I might have misunderstood because i thought wester union and banks are expensive and 1% looks small, but i checked enought.
This seems safer to me, i will also tranfer from ecopayz to my bank with 6 euros cost at some point , so only problem is i dont know how long will take till she can get the money this way ....

3) Clasic option to go to a local store and give cash ... its 525 for moneygrab and 530 WU ... seems safest to me , right ? but is a bit trouble especially now with carantine.

What whould you do ? probably the 3rd or i am too chicken  :)  ? 
Any other option like this i might consider ? anyway sorry for the long post  ... havent seen anything regarding this methods .  thanks.
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