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Matchbook Restricted Countries

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Gaining experience
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Matchbook Restricted Countries

Mon Oct 11, 2021 7:44 am

We all know the importance of reputable betting exchanges in smart gambling activities. I find Betfair being far tougher than Matchbook account, but lately, Matchbook betting exchange also is playing tough. Maybe this is because they lost their license in the UK some months back in 2020. I tried to find solutions via agents only to find out that Matchbook betting exchange is no longer available via agents.

In many betting markets, although quite heavily regulated, gambling is generally seen as fun. However, many other states across the world do not have the same relaxed attitude when it comes to gambling. In some countries, land-based gambling is allowed while online gaming is banned. And in others, both land-based and online gambling isn’t allowed.

Many countries ban gambling activities mainly due to moral directives or religious reasons. As a result of the ban, all sportsbooks, including Matchbook website, do not operate in those countries. So if you are a sports betting enthusiast who wants to know nations where Matchbook betting exchange does not operate, this article is a perfect match for you.

While Matchbook platform operates in many betting exchange markets across the universe, there are some states that the sportsbook does not offer its betting exchange services and products. The main reason for this is that either the sportsbook is not willing to operate in those countries or gambling activities are illegal in them. Most of the countries where Matchbook exchange does not offer its services do not allow any form of gambling, and they include:

United Arab Emirates

Religion is not allowing any gambling activity.


In Singapore, the Private Lotteries Act prohibits any forms of private events unless the authority permits. The authorities in the country only allow national public-funded lotteries. Physical and online sports betting venues are banned, although brick-and-mortar casinos are legal. So while gamblers cannot access Matchbook and other bookmakers, they can enjoy the excitement that the Roulette wheel offers.


Similar to other member states of the European Union, online and land-based gambling have been legal in Poland. However, they are controlled by a strict government monopoly, and gaming with offshore companies is permitted but unregulated.

Brand new regulations for online betting and gambling were enacted on 1st April 2017, requiring all international companies to apply for licenses. All other forms of gambling, including casino games, are only provided by the state's designated gambling monopoly.

North Korea

Do you want me to go further?


Religion is not allowing any gambling activity.


All types of gambling were initially prohibited in this country until quite recently. However, there were some loopholes that meant certain gambling activities did take place in Japan. Several racetracks are controlled by the Japan Racing Association as well as the government, and there're many legal off-track gambling activities for gamblers who cannot get to the racing venues. Also, other sports betting activities are permitted, and the 2016 Integrated Resort Programme Law has allowed for brick-and-mortar casino games for the first time. Virtual sports betting and gambling remain illegal in this country, but casinos can currently operate in resorts and bars as long as the facilities include international conference halls, hotels, or entertainment venues. Operators of these venues are also subject to strict screening, and the whole process of legalizing physical casino gambling is expected to be completed in the near future.


Gambling is also illegal in Lebanon, where the laws state that residents aren't allowed to participate in any type of gambling and betting activity. The government in this country has the power to block online casinos and sportsbooks that it comes across since they are breaking the law. While the country strictly prohibits any forms of gambling, residents are able to access some online casinos; however, penalties are in place for those who place winning bets with them. For individuals who really want to place wagers on casino games and sports, there is a gambling ship that transports them to and from the international waters where wagering is permitted.

Other Matchbook Restricted Countries

Apart from the above countries that prohibit gambling, Matchbook does not offer its services in these countries, although wagering is legal. These countries include India, Guyana, Portugal, France, Georgia, Netherlands, Faroe Islands, United States, Spain and US Virgin Islands, Cambodia, to name just a few of them. You can visit the official website of the sportsbook and navigate to the terms and conditions to discover more about restricted countries.

Final Thoughts

Matchbook betting exchange is one of the top and most exciting sports betting exchanges and sportsbooks in the sports betting industry. Apart from offering the most generous promotions and bonuses in the world, the sportsbook also covers a wide range of sports betting and markets, including soccer, basketball, American football, horse racing, and others.

Since you already know the countries where the sportsbook operates, you can sign up if you are eligible. And if you are already a Matchbook customer traveling to a restricted country, you should check the laws to be sure that you will not be penalized for gambling.

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