Smart gambling psychology

A sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions out of all operating procedures

Are you the right person for smart gambling

Are you the right person for smart gambling?


Many players, especially at the beginning of their smart gambling career, might ask themselves: “Am I the right person for this?” This question comes in different variations, such as: “Should I invest money in smart gambling?”, or “Should I quit my job to focus on smart gambling?”

These questions are difficult to answer; instead, they pose dilemmas to potential smart bettors. We rely on our long-term experience in smart gambling to find the characteristics of a successful smart bettor, no matter if his field is sports betting, casino, or poker.

1. They have a lot of intellectual horsepowers. However, gambling successfully over a long period of time does not require a stratospheric IQ. Smart gambling is not a game where the guy with the 150 IQ beats the guy with the 125 IQ.

2. They are people with a sound intellectual framework for making decisions, and they can keep emotions from corroding that framework. This mental framework complements the IQ. It is a trait of both character and intellect.

3. Smart gamblers are predominantly defined by the time they are willing to sacrifice to educate themselves. They do not expect money to come effortlessly. It is essential to make an effort and then understand if it is fruitless or not.

4. They are simultaneously confident and humble. Most people are confident, but the trouble with ignorance is that it feels so much like expertise. People of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly consider their cognitive ability to be higher than it is.

5. They make decisions based on analysis, not emotion. Analysis results from the education they have given themselves in smart gambling, and the suppression of emotions comes from their intellectual framework.

6. They are good with numbers, though advanced math is irrelevant.

7. They are independent and think for themselves, refusing to adopt the view of many, even when it is obviously correct.

8. They are patient and long-term greedy. They don’t expect to turn 10k into a million within 12 months.

9. They love what they do. They wouldn’t trade this job for any job at least until they master it.

10. They never delude themselves into thinking that they are gambling smartly when they are just gambling. They confine and restrain any gambling instinct.

11. They have the initial capital to start their venture and support themselves and their families for a period of time.


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The smart gambler must have all these characteristics and not most of them. By definition, we are assuming that you are a smart gambler willing to devote a considerable amount of effort. If you don’t have the characteristics mentioned above, then you are not temperamentally well suited to engage in smart gambling. You cannot reliably obtain the results you imagine unless you put in the time and the effort.

Gambling mistakes

Nobody likes losing money. No-one is happy when hard-earned money turns into thin air. Well, only bookmakers are satisfied with your mistakes, but not always because sometimes a mistake can be in your favor.

Gambling psychology and how to master it

One of the characteristics of the smart gambler is that he can confine and restrain any gambling instinct. We will not talk about gambling psychology in this article, but about smart gambling psychology. These two should never be confused.

Should you bet what you know

There are so many similarities between smart betting and investing in stocks, but at the same time, there is a big difference. While in stocks you should ‘'Buy what you know'' otherwise you are gambling, in smart betting, you can "bet what you don't know" without gambling. Well, there are some exceptions here.

What does it mean to be referred by arbusers

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