Understand your bets and calculate your profits with Arbusers Asian Handicap Calculator. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and has both specific final score and all scenarios calculation options.

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What is Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap is a rewarding form of betting, but many bettors often overlook it. Why? For one, it’s usually used only for betting on football (soccer). And then the Asian handicap betting may seem very confusing for the beginners. Plus, it is a form of spread betting, meaning your bet needs to be more accurate than guessing the team will win or lose.

It works best when two mismatched teams compete. Handicap betting gives one of the teams a “handicap” as if adding a score in their favor before the match even begins. It equalizes their chances of winning.

That score has nothing to do with the actual outcome of the match. But it affects your bet and its outcome.

Why You Need Asian Handicap Calculator

When you make Asian Handicap bets, the win, loss, and push depend on your chosen handicap. Thus, it adds one more thing to consider for the payout/profit calculations.

To bet smart, you need to consider a couple of different scenarios. And using an Asian Handicap Calculator makes it a lot easier. Plus, it saves a lot of time because you see the payouts and profits immediately.

How to Use Arbusers Asian Handicap Calculator

STEP #1: To start using Arbusers Asian Handicap Calculator, select which team you bet on: the Home team or the Away team.

STEP #2: Enter the decimal odds of that team.

Currently, our Asian Handicap Calculator supports only decimal odds. You can find the decimal odds for a specific match at your preferred bookmaker’s website.

STEP #3: Select the Asian Handicap of your chosen team.

It’s possible to choose from -4.00 to +4.00 Asian Handicap levels. Usually, it’s recommended to bet within the range of -2.00 to +2.00.

STEP #4: Enter the bookmaker commission.

Again, it’s possible to find this number on the bookmaker’s website. If you’re unsure of it, you can skip this step.

STEP #5: Select your stake.

How much are you willing to bet on this match?

STEP #6: Choose the needed calculation option: “Specific final score” or “All scenarios”.

If you choose “All scenarios”, press “Calculate Payout & Profit”. You will immediately see all the outcomes of the bet, each presented in a table and stating:

  • how many goals scored by the team bring you a win
  • how many goals scored by the team bring a push
  • how many goals scored by the team bring a loss
  • the outcomes of half bets and the overall bet

The result in the table defines the bet outcome (win/loss/push). The payout is the sum that will be paid out in case of that particular result. The profit, meanwhile, is the payout minus your initial stake.

If you choose “Specific final score”, you will also need to enter the fictitious final score of the match. And then you will see the outcome of your bet in case the game ends this way. Thus, you will see only the result, payout, and profit of that particular outcome.

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