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Established more than 15 years ago, Asianconnect has spearheaded a new branch in the gambling industry and fully deserves its dedicated review. Asianconnect is a one- stop shop betting solutions provider and offers top asian bookmaker accounts (like PINNACLE, BETISN), betting exchanges, and their very own bet aggregator tool: ASIANODDS88.


BetInAsia offers accounts with the sharpest and most reliable Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges. The bookmakers and exchanges you can open accounts through BetInAsia are the following; Orbit, 9wickets, Matchbook, Turf7, PS3838/Pinnacle, IBCbet/MAXbet, Singbet, SBObet, BetISN, 18bet, Babibet and Citibet.


PremiumTradings is one of the first sports brokerage services on the market. It offers various bookmakers as well as betting exchanges. Using the broker’s services you can register on GA268, Turft7, Maxbet, 18bet, SBObet, Pinnacle, 1Bet, BabiBet, BETISN and Singbet.


Once online betting got the attention it deserves, our idea to put all the best odds under 1 roof came to life. We started our business in 2004 and have been working hard ever since to fulfilling our dream of creating 1 Go-To place that will feature all the best bookmakers and exchanges and provide players with very convenient and easy access to the best odds and limits.