Smart gambling psychology

A sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions out of all operating procedures

Gambling psychology and how to master it

smart gambling psychology

One of the characteristics of the smart gambler is that he can confine and restrain any gambling instinct. We will not talk about gambling psychology in this article, but about smart gambling psychology. These two should never be confused.

Are you the right person for smart gambling

Many players, especially at the beginning of their smart gambling career, might ask themselves: “Am I the right person for this?” This question comes in different variations, such as: “Should I invest money in smart gambling?”, or “Should I quit my job to focus on smart gambling?”

Gambling mistakes

Nobody likes losing money. No-one is happy when hard-earned money turns into thin air. Well, only bookmakers are satisfied with your mistakes, but not always because sometimes a mistake can be in your favor.