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Learn how to protect your business from potential loses before it is too late

Martingale Betting System

There are two types of gamblers. Winners and losers. The most popular betting system among losers, is called the Martingale Betting System. In this article we will explain why you should never follow this system with absolutely no exception. Also, we will discuss the mathematics and the randomness of the system that could be fatal for every gambler.

Draw No Bet explained

What is Draw No Bet (DNB) and what are the differences with a 1X2 bet. An easy example, and why people prefer Draw No Bet instead of classic bets.

How to take legal action against a bookmaker

How to take legal action against a bookmaker

During these last years, we highlighted the low business ethics of several actors in the gambling sphere. Unfortunately, these ethics are spreading in the industry like mayhem. Bookmakers tend to confiscate winnings more often than before, and in some cases, their decisions are based on pure speculation not backed by solid data and facts. You shouldn’t get us wrong, we fully support any action against money laundering and corrupted action like match fixing.

Pinnacle – Last man standing

pinnacle - last man standing

Someone who is observing only the surface of the market would quickly conclude that Pinnacle is the dominant power, the last man standing, the one that won the prize. But is that battle over, or are we just watching an attrition war? We believe it is the latest.

The 6th Money Laundering Directive and your gambling activities

All professional bettors know the impact of the 4th and 5th Money Laundering Directives focusing on risk and transparency. They brought additional verification checks already reflecting in the KYC policies of financial institutions, including e-money institutions like the e-wallets that many gamblers use.

PSD2 and Open Banking

Open banking is a modern approach to provide better financial services and smooth payments. It introduces financial transparency, encourages innovation, and helps to manage your finances. Up to quite recently, only you and your chosen financial institutions, had all the information about your finances.

Odds, Probabilities and the Vig explained

Odds, Probabilities and the Vig explained

In this article, we will get into details about Odds and Probabilities. We know this is not a reader-friendly article, but for the sake of betting knowledge, you should read it. The first step in calculating the probability of a single random event is to define events and outcomes.

Player’s risk score

players risk score

Bookmakers rate players starting from registration. The procedure is fully automated, and that is why many players find their accounts limited or blocked even before bet #1. Bookmakers add or extract points to/from your profile starting from the information that you give to them upon registration.

Should you bet what you know

should you bet what you know

There are so many similarities between smart betting and investing in stocks, but at the same time, there is a big difference. While in stocks you should ‘’Buy what you know” otherwise you are gambling, in smart betting, you can “bet what you don’t know” without gambling. Well, there are some exceptions here.

What does it mean to be referred by arbusers

What does it mean to be referred by arbusers

You might have noticed that, unlike other forums and web pages, here at we do not advertise bookmakers. This is a matter of integrity. Arbusers and bookmakers stand on different sides. Our community consists of successful gamblers, which is a bookmaker’s worst nightmare.