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Many bettors need the services of Agents for their smart betting business. They have good reasons for this.
To name some:

  • Bigger limits and significantly higher odds compared to the traditional bookmakers.
  • Restrictions not allowing them to use important and irreplaceable bookmakers.
  • Exchanges with lower commission rates.

It is a tough task to find out which agent suits you best, as you have to take into account many factors. We went to extremes to scrutinize many Agents in order to detect value with the maximum capital safety. Notice that almost all major Agents requested to be present in our portal. We rejected most of them, even though we were offered generous incentives. We came to a shortlist of 4 Agents that we believe can cover all the needs of the smart betting community. Their names: AsianConnect88, BetInAsia, PremiumTradings, and Sportmarket.

Notice that the use of Agents is not legal in some countries and you should check if you are eligible to use them. The reliability of an Agent is an important factor for every potential player. Here are some important factors in regards to their reliability:

KYC procedures and banking are important factors too

Take a look at the following graph to see what we think about their KYC procedures and banking options. Notice that Agents impose some fees for depositing and withdrawing funds. We suggest that you contact them directly to have a crystal clear picture of what these fees are. Normally, if you are having significant volumes you shouldn’t worry about these fees.

Agents offer a number of exchanges that a smart bettor needs for his activities

There is a number of Betfair clones that offer exactly the same odds as Betfair. Agents are offering lower commission rates compared to Betfair and that is another reason why many people use Agents. Here are the exchanges and the rates that our members are getting from Agents. Notice, these rates are exclusively available for referred by Arbusers players. Please make sure that you are referred by Arbusers to get these rates.


In the following graph, you can see the bookmakers that Agents are offering. You can also see the cash back that we secured for referred by arbusers players. This cash back is paid directly from Agents to your accounts, and gives you a significant edge against the competition. This cash back is exclusively available for referred by Arbusers players. The wider audience will not get it. Once again, make sure that you are referred by Arbusers to get these rates.

How about bonuses?

We secured some bonuses for referred by arbusers clients. These are not stable, but they change every now and then depending on the marketing policy of each agent. So for now, you can get upon registration a 25% bonus up to €500 from AsianConnect, plus a bonus from Sportmarket that varies (better contact them directly). Agents are offering lavish bonuses in periods of great betting events like World Cups, Euros etc. And of course, our members are always getting the best offers.

We saved the best for last

All 4 agents are offering their betting platforms where players can distribute their volumes and select the best available odds among the sharpest bookmakers and exchanges. This is a valuable tool for smart betting and gives you an extra edge against the competition. We secured a 0.10% cash back based on volumes from BetInAsia exclusively for referred by Arbusers clients. We detect Value in this offer.

All you have to do is calculate where the best value is for you according to your criteria and style of play. Now, what are you going to do?


Contact us if your volumes are higher than 1.000.000



What are your monthly volumes with Pinnacle, SBObet, Maxbet, and Singbet? See what you could save per month by using our supported Agents and platforms:


Maximum savings when using the supported Agents

Contact us if your volumes are higher than 2.000.000

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