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We brought to you a number of services and products to support your smart betting operations. Ewallets are essential tools to support your gambling business. Register your account with Arbusers and get the complete package.

What you get with Arbusers

  • Fastest verification available. Get verified within one working day.
  • Enhanced limits and the fastest way towards Gold VIP status.
  • Extra benefits and advantages from ecoPayz.
  • 3 MasterCard prepaid cards, available in EUR, GBP and USD with the increased ATM withdrawals of 1,500.00 EUR.
  • A multi-currency account with reduced forex rate at 1.49%.
  • Personalised assistance by Arbusers that goes far beyond the use of Ewallets

It is highly advisable that you register your ecoPayz account with Arbusers, otherwise:

  • Your verification and the overall received support will be the same like the general audience.
  • You will not enjoy the support of the ecoPayz dedicated team serving Arbusers members. You will not have Arbusers support and guidance if needed.

Please have in mind that Arbusers sees Ewallets registration as a key loyalty characteristic of its members. Registering your Ewallets with Arbusers leads to a superior support in your smart betting operations that no other website offers. Between colluding interests, Arbusers has made a choice to stand with and by the players and expects from players to make the same choice.