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What does it mean to be referred by arbusers

What does it mean to be “referred by arbusers”


You might have noticed that, unlike other forums and web pages, here at we do not advertise bookmakers.

This is a matter of integrity. Arbusers and bookmakers stand on different sides. Our community consists of successful gamblers, which is a bookmaker’s worst nightmare. Between colluding interests, has made a choice to stand with and by the players. Really, how many betting forums and webpages have made the same choice? Could you name just one?


At the time of this article, only 1 sharp bookmaker is advertised on our forum. However, you will notice that we do advertise several services that can assist your smart gambling business.

E-wallets and Alert services

We advertise e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz.

We advertise the most reliable alert services available on the market.

We also advertise a small number of value betting projects, plus some carefully selected betting agents.

We really hope that you make the same choice and stand on the same side with and by us, by using our referral links and banners, thus supporting this community which in reality supports you as well. We actively support members that support the community by including them in a number of projects that are not available to others.

Almost all successful techniques, tricks, and practices are born or fostered in We were the first to promote various forms of cash backs almost 10 years ago.

Betting Automations

Betting automations, bookmakers’ worst enemies, started from here. Several services are tested by us and our members before they go public. The best services are reserved for a limited number of members and they don’t even go public. We risk our own hard-earned capital for the development of several projects.

Here at, we are committed to serving the interests of our members. Therefore, we actively support all referred by arbusers members in cases and disputes between goodwill players and supported by arbusers services. We pride ourselves for having 100% success.

Absolutely no referred member has lost a penny. Really, how many betting forums and webpages could say the same?

Above all, it is the mentality not to kill the cow that feeds us all that has kept us alive in smart gambling for so long.

We encourage you to take part in what we do. We thank you for your contribution and support of the forum.