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Words of warning

Words of warning in smart betting


The need for due diligence never stops in the smart gambling sector, no matter if it is betting, casino, poker, or anything else. From our years of action in the smart betting field, we have come to the conclusion that some phrases and words spell trouble, and we therefore suggest being vigilant when you see them.

If your bookmaker, your brokers or any other service keeps saying them or twisting your arm to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, or against common logic and against the mathematics of smart gambling then this most probably means trouble.

Unfortunately, in recent years, we have observed several incidents where players lost significant amounts of money.

We can confidently say that the smart gambling process is generally risky. However, a disciplined, business-like approach, the use of reliable services and bookmakers, and the adoption of best betting practices may contribute to a long-term profit. Here’s the kind of wording that should set off warning bells:


It’s a sure thing

It’s a no-brainer

You need to hurry

The smart money is there

You can’t afford not to own it

You’ll be sorry if you don’t …

The opportunity of a lifetime

You should focus on performance, not fees

We turned X euros to a million within 1 year. (Unless X is close to a million)

Don’t you want to be rich? (or any other mention of Ferraris and glamorous life)

You can’t lose

Risk free

There’s no downside

I’m putting my mother in it

Trust me

No one else knows how to do this


Of course, more words could be added here, and the list could go on and on for pages.

Pinnacle – Last man standing

Someone who is observing only the surface of the market would quickly conclude that Pinnacle is the dominant power, the last man standing, the one that won the prize. But is that battle over, or are we just watching an attrition war? We believe it is the latest.

Should you bet what you know

There are so many similarities between smart betting and investing in stocks, but at the same time, there is a big difference. While in stocks you should ‘'Buy what you know'' otherwise you are gambling, in smart betting, you can "bet what you don't know" without gambling. Well, there are some exceptions here.

Player’s risk score

Bookmakers rate players starting from registration. The procedure is fully automated, and that is why many players find their accounts limited or blocked even before bet #1. Bookmakers add or extract points to/from your profile starting from the information that you give to them upon registration.

PSD2 and Open Banking

Open banking is a modern approach to provide better financial services and smooth payments. It introduces financial transparency, encourages innovation, and helps to manage your finances. Up to quite recently, only you and your chosen financial institutions, had all the information about your finances.