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Tue Oct 29, 2019 7:36 am

Hello. Negative arbs shown in oddstorm are limited to -%1. Is it possible to make system show negative arbs up to -%3?
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Re: Questions & Answers

Tue Oct 29, 2019 7:45 am

Yngwie/Sawyer wrote: Hello. Negative arbs shown in oddstorm are limited to -%1. Is it possible to make system show negative arbs up to -%3?
It is not possible to get -3% arbs but will consider adding such an option in future.
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Q&A about OddStorm performance

Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:36 am

Recently, we got a lot of email requests about how do we perform with major bookmakers, our parsing times, arbitrage quality, etc.
This made us do the following post.

To be fair, we chose Saturday, several minutes after most of the England games start. This is high peak moment for us as a service provider and the clients.
We chose a major bookmaker to watch for, which is in interest of all players.
After we made sure all of 211 soccer events of this bookmaker is in the system, we ran our Desktop App, tune up fitlers in order to be sure we see only surebets involving this bookmaker.
And start screen shooting ...



What we looked for is the Change and especially the Seen columns of Arbtirage Outcomes and Odd History windows.
Let us further explain:
- Change: it shows the client when we catch a price change, price movement, along with the current goals/corners score
- Seen: it is most important, it shows the time in seconds since our parsers last confirmed the price is available at the bookmaker. In this case it is <1s meaning, that we confirmed it less than a second before

To be more accurate we took another screenshot, showing overall performance of our parsers and system:



In order to have stable system, no fake and/or delayed surebets, we should be sure that we have all bookmakers actual prices.
Every single delay may lead to massive non-real surebets generation, spamming both our system and our clients.

We know our clients make most of the profits during weekends, when most of the games are played.
Also most of them use InPlay.

During this time, we do parse and process more than 300000 InPlay odds per second. The whole process may be described as:
1. The parsers make sure they see most recent prices, collect and send them in fraction of second for further processing by arbitrage generation system
2. Then, the Arbitrage System makes tens of millions calculations per second in order to catch every arbitrage change and makes them available for the clients
3. Our Desktop App instantly shows actual and real time arbitrages of interest

The above process, as seen on the screenshots, takes less than a second, making our clients the first to see the surebets, which is most important in this business and guarantees stable and predictable profits.
And further using our Navigation, it is a matter of another second the event to be loaded into the betting slip on all machines used to have opened the bookmakers of interest.

It is free to download the Desktop App form our web site and make your opinion about how OddStorm system performs.
Even not being able to see all arbitrages, as some shows as hidden, monitoring of the system can be done by every registered user.

You are welcome to have a try.

PS. As we explained mainly the situation for InPlay, where all bookamkers are real-time and the action is mainly there, we would like to share some thoughts about questions a PreMatch users usually have.
OddStorm parsers scans all sharp/asian bookmakers for PreMatch in 5-15 seconds interval. Doing this we guarantee we catch every situation, where line start to greatly move.
We believe, price movement start from sharp bookmakers, and it is soft bookmakers which catch up with corrections.
Having fast, accurate and actual sharp lines, we are able to instantly show arbitrage situations against softs.
There (at soft bookmakers) we may afford to do slow scanning in 2-3 minutes interval, knowing we might have outdated prices for some time in our system, but our clients will still be first to catch the surebet situation due to sharp price changes and being able to fast catch it.
And talking about 2 minutes interval, doesn't necessary mean, OddStorm have 2 minutes old soft bookmakers price, as parsing is continuous process.

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